ZHIQII Pet Heating Pad Dog Bed Mats Cat Bed Heated Pad Anti Chew Cord with Variable Heat Control Heated Pet Pad for Cat, Dog,Newborn Pups and Kittens (45 * 45 CM)

✅This warm mat is ideal for new born pups and kittens also nice for the older pet to lay on especially when they suffer with aches and pains. Great product with variable heat control and size of the mat. Provides much more consistent heat and is more robust than other heating mats you have bought.

✅Pet heat pad is made of durable oxford fabric material which is easy to clean. Please wash it by hand, and don’t wash it by force in case breaking the inner thermostat. For a better effect in colder days, we suggest putting a towel or used sweater underneath the pad to help collect heat.

✅Power-off Protection Temperature Control can avoid overheating to protect your pets, ZhiQli Cat Bed Mats has two temperature settings, Low and High. The highest temp can reach to 40 degree C. The continually heat helps your pet to rest comfy at cold days.

✅You can let your pets lay on the heating pad directly, also you can put it on the pet bed as a warmer. With pet lying on it, the pad needs about 10 minutes to reach the temperature you set. The heat will transmit to the air, so we recommend using it indoor only.

✅3 Month Guarantee – We provide worry-free 3-month warranty and friendly customer service.If you have any questions about our Pet Heating Pad, please contact us and we will try our best to help you!

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