Werpower Dog Whistle with Lanyard 2 PCS, Loud and Far-Reachin Ultrasonicg Dog Whistle for Puppy Training, Stopping Barking, Fetching, Sitting and Recall, Standardized Frequency

[Loud and Far-reaching]: Train your dog with the ultrasonic whistle and clicker so that you don’t need to shout out loudly. Your dog will always receive clear signals and commands up to 25 meters away even if they can’t see you! Communication between you and your dog becomes much clearer and easier.

[Standardized Frequency]: The long-term and same-tone whistle can make the dog better adapt to and receive the signal from their owners. Standardized frequency means whoever uses the whistle (e.g. partner, child), it will always emit the same sound, irrespective of their emotional state, prevent training interruption due to different whistle frequencies. The advantage of these high-quality dog training whistles is that you can order them in the same frequency even years later.

[Effective Training]: Dog whistle can be used to recall dogs, training them fetching, laying down and sitting, while correcting dogs’ bad behaviors. When the dog is 3 to 7 months old, the training effect is the best. A training instruction manual is included to help you on that.

[Whistle Strap]: You will receive a free matching whistle strap with your whistle. This way you can hang your dog whistle around your neck and have it ready to hand at all times. This is easy to carry and also minimizes the risk of loss.

[After Sale]: All products support worry-free after-sales service. We promise to provide high-quality goods and timely after-sales service. If you have any questions, please contact us directly and you will get a satisfactory response.

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