VVBORSN Dog Puzzle Toys Interactive Dog Feeder Pet Snack Dispenser,Colorful Design Slow Feeder Help Pets Digestion and Increase The Fun

Interactive educational toys: This Dog Puzzle Toys is not only a toy, but also a snack dispenser. Your pet can get food by moving the slider, allowing you to interact with your pet effectively and adding fun

Slow food bowl: slow down the pet’s eating speed, prevent it from overeating and indigestion, colorful design and stimulation to solve the dog’s lack of appetite and lack of energy, suitable for daily healthy feeding

Safety: This product is made of food-grade plastic with a non-slip design on the bottom. There are 14 snack compartments and 8 moving sliders, but any slider is not removable to prevent the dog from eating the plastic slider by mistake.

Training function: When dogs smell the snacks, they can move the slider through the nose or paws to find the snacks, so that the dog will not be bored, thereby reducing other destructive behaviors

Size: 9.5″x9.5″x1.2″, it is more suitable for small dogs and cats, not suitable for large dogs.

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