Navaris Cat Tunnel Scratcher Set (3-Pieces) – Corrugated Cardboard Paper Scratching Board Tubes and Roll Toy for Cats – Scratch, Lounge, Hide and Play

VERSATILE SCRATCHER SET: With two tunnels and one roll, the multi-functional scratching set is sure to be a hit with your cat. The pieces can be a scratcher, bed, tunnel or toy, depending on how your cat uses it.

SLEEP OR PLAY: During active times, cats can run through, jump off or perch on the rolls – perfect for energetic cats and kittens. When it’s time to rest, the tunnels also provide a wonderful place to lounge and nap.

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD: If you are trying to avoid use of plastic around your pets, here is one solution. The paper construction is robust, yet easy to recycle once the scratcher has worn out.

SPACE SAVING: The set of three scratchers nest inside one another for tidy, compact storage when not in use.

LEVEL UP: Sprinkle some catnip or hide some feathers in the scratching tunnels to really get your cat interested. Make sure your pets never scratch up your furniture and carpets again.

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NERVOUS (Give Me Space) Yellow Colour Coded 60cm 1.2m 1.8m Neoprene Padded Handle Dog Leads PREVENTS Accidents By Warning Others Of Your Dog In Advance (1.2m)

High quality double layered lead 120cm (4ft /48inch). Includes luxury neoprene padded handle

Use the NERVOUS range to show that this dog needs some space

All products feature durable nylon, anti-corrosion triggers and ‘D’ rings, and embroidered wording

Colour coded with wording to PREVENT accidents or incidents in public, A Safer Place For All

Available in buckle and semi-choke collars, leads, harnesses and coats in various sizes and ranges

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