Cat Bowls Legendog-Double Cat Bowl with Stand Cat Feeding Bowls With 15 ° Inclined Kitten Bowls Cat Food Bowl

Safe material: Legenddog pet bowl for food and water is made of FDA-approved high-grade PC material, and the bracket is made of ABS material, which is more durable and stable in use

Cat bowl design: borrowing ergonomic design ideas, cat bowls are designed to be inclined at 15 degrees according to the cat’s body and eating habits. Protect the cat’s cervical spine and digestive system, reduce joint and back pressure, and easily eat to prevent reflux

Cat bowl features: The product comes with four anti-skid pads, which can fix the cat bowl to make it difficult to move and prevent spilling. A real non-slip and overflow-proof cat bowl

Cat bowl capacity: Our product is delivered with a duckbill spoon, and a spoonful of cat food is about two-thirds of the cat bowl. According to experimental data, a spoonful of cat food is about 0.22046 pounds (a day’s food intake for an adult cat), and a kitten is fed 0.066 pounds a day. Precise food control to avoid gastrointestinal problems caused by eating too much

Removable cat bowl: The cat bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Place your index finger on the bottom edge of the bowl and press it out with a little force. Suggestion: The cat bowl can be filled with food and water for a day. Replace and clean the cat bowl daily. Can effectively prevent cats gastrointestinal diseases

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