10Pcs Cat Spring Tube Toys, Pet Kitten Freely Folding Multi-Color Bouncing Toy Having Fun Exerciser Interactive Chaser Teaser Playthings for Cats Kitten Novelty Gift

Lightweight & Flexible—Surrounded by a flexible nylon natural for extra excitement. You could put the catnip inside the toy, the catnip could naturally stimulates most cats, providing a burst of playful energy. The length of toy is 13cm/5.11inch long. It is not long but cute and best gift for your pet.

Promote Relationship—The interactive toys can provides your cats endless fun when you are play with it, can strengthen the relationship of you and your cat.

Attractive and Funny—These toys have bright color, can easier to draw your cat’s attention, increase the excitement and give a good companion for cats and kittens.

Fun Texture Design—This clever flexible cat tube toy springs into action and makes cats go wild. providing cats with tons of exercise and excitement.

Reducing Stress—Plenty of entertainment can effectively relieve cat’s lonely mood, avoid your pet cat tearing up furniture and getting depressing. Toys are a great way for your cat to entertain himself and eliminate boredom.Surrounded by a flexible woven natural for extra excitement.

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