beetoy Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs, Pet Snuffle Feeding Mat Interactive Game for Boredom, Dog Puzzle Toys for Stress Release Encourages Natural Foraging Skills, Dual-Use Portable & Washable Puppy Mat

🐶【DEVELOP GOOD HABITS OF DOG】Dog feeding mat as a skills training mat mimics the natural environment. Sprinkling food over the mat and allowing dogs to find food by sniffing so as to develop their forging skill. It not only to make feeding slowly and has a good digestion, but also great to stimulate the dog’s mind and nosework by foraging training at the meanwhile.

🐶【ULTRA-DURABILITY TO A STRONG BITE】As you know, dog bites are very violent and powerfully destructive. After careful consideration, our pet dog feeding mat adopts thick felt cloth which is high anti-tearing and makes into the shape of grass sewn on the mat with thick cotton thread, which can withstand strong bites and is not easy to break off. You can rest assure while your puppy is snuffling.

🐶【DUAL-USE AND PORTABLE】beetoy dog snuffle mat has a creative design. It has two forms, one is to completely lay the puppy snuffing mat as a blanket; the other is to grab the PP belt drawstring on the edge of the circular pet dog mat, tighten the blanket, and make it into a bowl shape, making the footprint of the dog mat smaller and can be placed Into the backpack, easy to carry and travel.

🐶【NO TROUBLE IN CLEANING】 Because we use the premium felt fabric, it has good water-resistance, is not easy to get wet by water, and has strong dirt resistance. It is good to store,tighten the PP belt drawstring when not in use. It is machine washable. You just put it into wash machine and add some shampoo in it, then let it dry. We recommend you to wash twice a week.

🐶【SAFE AND ANTI-SLIP BOTTOM】For your doggy’s safety, our design team makes a safe and anti-slip bottom on the back of pet nose work blanket. A non-slip cloth sewn on the bottom which effectively fixes the dog activity mat to prevent the dog from moving the sniffing mat for dogs. The dog play mat keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated and great for relieve stress and relax.

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