Idepet Dog Treat Dispensing Toy, UFO-Shaped Nontoxic Interactive Slow Feeder Toy, Bite-resistant Food Dispensing Puzzle Toy Ball for Dogs and Cats

【Safe and Durable】 The Idefair Frisbee treat dispensing is made of high-quality ABS and polycarbonate. It is strong and bite-resistant and non-toxic. You don’t have to worry about any harm to your pet’s health. Easy to use and clean.

【Multifunctional Toy】 It can be used as a food spiller or a flying disc, increasing the interaction between you and your pet, and increasing the connection and trust between you and your pet. It is suitable for keeping dogs busy, playing, chewing, chasing, and IQ training.

【Suitable for all Kinds of Dog Food】 Our slow feeder have different diameters of leaking holes, which can place different sizes of dog food, develop a healthy slow feeding habit and help your pet kill time.

【Improve Pet’s Intelligence】 Fill the UFO dog snack ball with the dog’s favorite snacks. Your furry friends will become smarter when playing this interactive dog toy ball, and learn how to roll it to make the snacks fall.

【Release Stress】 Are you still worried that your dog will feel lonely and anxious when you go out? Adding your dog’s favorite snacks to toys can keep them busy for hours, kill boring time, release their chewing nature, and reduce anxiety and destruction .

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