Is this $150 Cat toy worth it? | Mousr Smart Cat Toy Review

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***IMPORTANT: I no longer recommend purchasing this product. It would appear the company is going out of business or already is. I am leaving this video up for educational purposes and to also help spread knowledge that the product is either no longer functional or will soon stop functioning.***

Mousr is a $150 cat toy selling itself as the smartest toy around, but is it worth it? In mousr review video we will take a look at everything you get for $150 and go over the different features of this smart cat toy by petronics. We'll also take a look at some of the downfalls this cat toy has (besides the price tag) and where it can be improved on. We will also take a look at mousr setup, and its different play modes.

Mousr comes packed with multiple different sensors allowing for mousr to easily navigate around your home to engage your cat in play. It also features the ability to both be manually controlled but also multiple different auto play modes.

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