RenaSan Ear Cleaner for Dogs (250 ml) – Alcohol-Free, Natural Ear Cleaning Solution for Itching, Head Shaking, Odour, Ear Wax and Dirt

EAR CLEANING SOLUTION FOR DOGS: RenaSan Ear Cleaner is for cleansing canine ears. For all breeds and sizes, from puppy to senior.

GENTLE, NON-STING FORMULA: For cleaning wax, dirt, and foreign matter from the ears of all dogs. Do not use if you suspect infection may already be present in the ear. Instead use RenaSan Antiseptic Ear Drops.

EASY TO USE: Scientifically formulated. All ingredients are naturally derived and deliver a highly effective cleaning formula that is also soothing and not harsh to the delicate skin inside your dog’s ears.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: pH balanced, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free. Contains no alcohol or chemical nasties. All ingredients are of the highest grade.

MADE IN THE UK & VET-APPROVED: RenaSan is a well-established animal health brand. Our products are in use every day in veterinary surgeries in the UK and around the world as well as in grooming salons. Manufactured in a BRC Certificated facility.

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Dog Shampoo and Grooming Gloves Bundle – Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin – Natural Ingredients – Deep Cleansing and Grooming – Fresh Coconut Smell – Flea Repellent –Pack of 2 Dog Anti-Itch Products

🐶 OPTIMAL SOLUTION: Our dog shampoos and gloves bundle is here to help you keep your pet happy and groomed! The natural ingredients blended in our gentle formula help relieve the itchy skin and repel fleas and the grooming gloves relaxes your dog for a complete pampering session.

🐶 NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We have created a gentle formula for our dog shampoo to take care of your dog’s sensitive skin. The powerful blend of natural ingredients, mainly essential oils and soothing elements are meant to help to relieve the itchy skin and reduce redness.

🐶 DEEP CLEANSING: Besides the itching relief effect, this dog anti-itch products make an amazing job are cleansing your dog’s fur and skin deeply, leaving it smooth and bright. Your dog will love the bath as it gets a gentle massage and a deep cleansing of its beautiful fur.

🐶 GROOMING GLOVES: The bundle contains a pair of grooming gloves beside the natural itchy dog shampoo, meant to offer your dog an amazing grooming session! The gloves are made with natural bamboo fibres, which is a skin-friendly material and soft for your dog’s skin.

🐶 FRESH SMELL: We enriched the natural mix of ingredients in the dog shampoo formula with a nice, fresh smell of coconut. After bath, your dog will have gotten rid of redness and itching and will have a subtle smell of coconut that you will love it!

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