Instant hot water dispenser

Old Tjikko Pet Automatic Water Dispenser, Water Dispenser for Dogs, Cats, Automatic Drinking Fountain, Pet Drinking Bottle, Animal Accessories for Dogs, Cats, 3.8 Litres, PBA Free (Water Dispenser)

★High quality material: food grade plastic, non-toxic no strange smell, PBA free. Please feel free to use it

★Product size: 15 × 13 × 6.2 inches (38 × 34 × 16 cm), not dishwasher safe

★Automatic supply: natural gravity supply system. You do not need to use electricity and you can store electricity and save it safely

★It is too easy to clean: barrel and chassis can be split. You can rinse directly with water. It is recommended to wash once a week

★It is suitable for: Ideal for dogs and cats, but can also be used with other animals. Comfortable for pet to drink fresh and clean water whenever pet wants to drink

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Dog Water Heated Bowl Dispenser, Constant Temperature Pet Products Water Bowl, Automatic Heating Removable All Seasons Heated Bowl for Cats, Dogs

Automatic Heating and Constant Temperature: In winter, the owner will usually pay more attention to the diet of cats and dogs. The heating bowl can maintain a constant temperature, so there is no need to worry about freezing the water.

High Quality: The ceramic material is used, which has good heat resistance, which is safe and reliable for pets, without any side effects.

Heat Dissipation Design: There is a heat dissipation hole at the bottom of the pet water dispenser, and the heating plate is removable, which can be used in all seasons.

Pet Heating Bowl: The heat preservation water bowl is very suitable to prevent water or food from freezing in the cold winter, so that pets can drink water at room temperature and be healthy.

Best for Your Pet in Winter: Keeping your pet hydrated no matter the weather, The cats, dogs and other pet cubs drinking water at room temperature in winter will affect the stomach and intestines, so they need to drink warm water.

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