Anti Cat Scratch Tape,3 inches x 30 Yards Cat Training Tape,Cat Scratch Deterrent Sticky Paws Tape Furniture Protector Transparent Clear Double Sided Guards for Carpet, Sofa, Couch, Door

【FURNITURE PROTECTOR】The anti cat sctatch tape helps to train your cats to stop scratching your couch by using cat’s natural hateness of sticky surface, and eventually develop the habit of not clawing your expensive furniture.

【SAFE MATERIAL】The Cat Training Tape is made by environmental friendly material and the best glue this the industry.It’s safe for your pets.And the crystal clear look of this tape, blends right in with your home decor style.

【PRECAUTION BEFORE USING】It is highly recommended to test out a short strip to a small corner of the surface to verify how the furniture will react before taping all over the furniture.

【EASY TO USE】Peel and adhere the product to where cat scratches, peel off the white backing paper. Then you got yourself a personal 24 hour protector of your furniture! It’s the easiest way to save sofas, couches, leather, beds, tables, counters, doorways, screen porches and more!

【LOVE YOUR CAT, SAVE YOUR SOFA 】Tired of your cat scratching and destroying your furniture? Our humane scratch deterrent solution eliminates clawing of your furniture without resorting to traumatic solutions such as de-clawing.

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