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Nature's Miracle Advanced Platinum Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray, 237mL, Discourages Destructive Scratching, Multi (P-98401FL)

CAT SCRATCHING DETERRENT: Specifically formulated to discourage destructive scratching throughout the home

SAFE FOR USE ON FURNITURE, FABRIC AND MORE: Designed for indoor use, safe for use on furniture, fabric and more when used and stored as directed

FORMULATED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS: Repellent scent formulated with essential oils

SAFE FOR PETS AND HOME: Safe for pets and home when used as directed

TRUSTED BRAND: From the maker of Nature’s Miracle products, the pet stain and odor removing brand you trust because it works!

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Cats Scratching Ball, Wooden Track Balls Turntable Turtle Shape with Cat Scratching Pad Interactive Scratching Ball Funny Roller Cat Toy for Small Pets

?Cute Shape – This cat toy has a turtle design with a scratching board, so cute, it makes the kitten very curious and makes it very interesting.

?Premium Materials – The roller cat toy is made of natural wood, which is safe, eco-friendly, healthy, pet-friendly, and made with smooth edges around it, allowing kittens to play with peace of mind and safety.

?Strong and Durable – The structure is stable, the toy ball won’t fall off when your kitten plays, practical and easy to clean, durable.

?Satisfy the Cat’s Nature – Your cat can use the scratching board to sharpen its claws and satisfy its scratching nature, the ball of the cat toy can rotate 360 degrees on the track to attract your cat, keep the pet active and entertained, and exercise.

?Gifts for Cats – Tortoise toy with scratching board provides endless fun for kitty cat for safe and fun exercise and play for kitty cat to enjoy and your kitty to be happy when you are away , is the best gift for pets.

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ZooZoo 2-Pack Curved Corrugated Cat Scratchers, Cat Scratching Board Set, Cat Scratching Post

Surprising Benefits: Mentally, they scratch to relive stress, anxiety and boredom. Well, sometime their purpose is to share their joy, fear or anger with you by scratching, or simply have fun. Most importantly, this scratching board could help reduce their paw damage to furniture or even people. Use this scratching board to redirect their attention.

Corrugated cardboard with small layer gaps: smaller layer gaps means the scratcher is more durable to bear light or heavy scratches. Similarly, it would leave less mess after each scratch, saving your time and energy to clean up.

Necessity: Biologically, cats scratch to keep their paws clean and sharpened. It also allows new nail shell to grow and mark a territory. Physically, they do so to stretch their body and paws and gain more exercise.

Helps protect furniture. Cats scratch more on the scratcher so less on the furniture.

Reversible: Both sides of this board can be used. So when one side is almost broken, just flip it over and continue to use the other side. Even so, it is necessary to renew them regularly.

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Lewondr Couch Furniture Protector 16 Packs, Cat Scratch Pads, Clear Anti-Scratch Self-Adhesive Pads with 50 Pins, Cat Scratching Deterrent Sheet Tape, 4Pack(S)17"x6"+ 6Pack(M)17"x9"+ 6Pack(L)17"x12"

? [Durable and flexible] The anti-cat scratch furniture protection pad is made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, soft and transparent PVC material, which is harmless to cats and people. It is thick enough to prevent scratches, and can be flexibly bent around the contours of the furniture, so you can use it to stick on sofas, chairs, doors, carpets and other places that need protection.

? [Transparent and invisible protection] Our product is 100% transparency and will be completely integrated with your interior decoration. These furniture protection pads can be very firmly covered on the furniture or the floor without causing attention, don’t worry about affecting the aesthetics.

? [50 twist pins] Our furniture protector pads are self-adhesive, no need to pierce and will not damage the leather or leave any pin holes when install. To make it more convenient for customers to use, we provide extra 50 reusable twist pins, which can be installed according to personal needs. They will help you secure these cat scratch pads on the sofa more firmly and lastingly.

? [Easy installation and removal] No complicated steps or tools. You can adjust the pad size according to the furniture, and then directly peel off the self-adhesive pad and paste it on the place that needs protection; if necessary, you can also use a twist pin to fix it (leather furniture is not recommended). Easy to remove without leaving any visible marks, just take out the twist pins and gently peel off the self-adhesive pad. The whole process takes no more than 1 minute.

? [Ultra practical furniture protection pad] You will get 16 pack anti-cat scratching tape(4 x S SIZE:17″L * 6″W, 6 x M SIZE:17″L * 9″W, 6 x L SIZE:17″L * 12″W) and 50 twist pins in one package. If you have any questions about our product, please contact us in time, we will try our best to provide you with a 100% satisfactory solution.

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ComSaf Cat Scratcher Cardboard, Polar Bear Cat Scratch Pad, Incline Scratching Pad, Corrugated Scratching Bed Lounge for Indoor Cats Kitten Kitty, Protecting Furniture, Reversible, Set of 2

[Inclined Cat Scratcher] This curved corrugated scratch bed with a slope design gives your cats an comfortable place to meet their scratching and stretching needs. Also, the ergonomic curve of this scratcher perfectly fits cat’s body shape.

[Innovative Design] The lovely polar bear-shaped scratchers are sold in sets of 2 that you can combine to get a larger scratching area when two pads are placed side by side, or upright one pad against the wall for your cat to scratch vertically.

[Reversible Pad] This premium cat scratching pad is reversible, both sides can be used, making the scratching life last longer and more cost-effective! Suitable for both adult and baby cats. Size: 17″(L)*10″(W)*5″(H) 43*25.5*10cm

[Durable Cardboard] Made of high-density corrugated cardboard, featured with highly stable and durable construction, your cats can fix their claws safely while scratching on it. Healthy for your adorable cats and your family.

[Furniture Hero] Release cats’ natural grabbing instincts while reducing the risk of damage to your sofa, carpets, curtains mattress, floor. Protect your interior furnishings from being destroyed by giving your cats this cute scratching pad!

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Cat Training Spray,Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray,Stop Scratch Training Spray,Cat Scratching Training Spray,Deter Your Cat from Scratching Furniture

An effective cat scratching spray-Just Spray On Surface You Want To Keep Cat Away from. Voila No Scratch Marks . Without Any Messy Residue Or Stain Mark

Protect furniture and houses – this spray can stop most cats from scratching furniture and sofas.

Natural plant formula: we have a flavored orange essential oil blend,brings you a pleasant smell to your feline friend an unpleasant smell. Over time, the smell will create a taboo and scratchy area for your cat.

Where To Use – Use on furniture, plants, counter tops,draperies, holiday decorations. Stop using messy, furniture destroying cat spray on your valuables.

Explain that in order to get the best results, you need to use it 4 times a day per week. If you only use the trainer once or twice and expect immediate results, you may be disappointed.

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Dimaka 29" Tall Cat Scratching Post, Claw Scratcher with Sisal Rope and Covered with Soft Smooth Plush, Vertical Scratch [Full Strectch], Modern Design 29 Inches Height (Dark Brown 2)

[Standard Full Stretch Post] – 29 inches / 74 cm Height, design for all size cats from kitten to adults, except huge ones.

[Natural and Eco-Friendly] Scratching Post Tree is made with thick cardboard tube and wrapped with natural fibrous sisal; base tower are made with heavy chipboard covered with soft plush, safe and stable, avoid tipping and wobbling, provides reliability and stability, wooden material , handmade

[Fun Fact] Plush Ball gives extra attraction to cat, lead to full stretch for big cats, perfect for claw scratch

[Modern Design] 5 colors: brown, dark brown, light grey, blue, beige, always meet your decor expection for matching house furniture

[Easy Assemble, Tools Inlcuded] Easy to assemble and disassemble, take only 3 steps, less than 4 minutes to install

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DX doxie’s Premium Cat Scratching board, Scratch Pad, Cat Lounger, Pet Bed Sofa, Double Use, Cardboard Replaceable, Durable, Long-lasting, Large size: 40cm x 40cm x 10cm

?【 SCRATCH, PLAY & SLEEP 】Your cat will love this circular, 2-in-1 scratching bed, which can be used for scratching when claws need sharpening, or as a place to curl up and sleep.

?【 LARGE SIZE 】The cat scratching bed measures 40cm x 40cm x 10cm (16” x 16” x 4”), which allow a big adult cat play and sleep on it.

?【 REUSABLE BED & REPLACEABLE DOUBLE USE SCRATCHING CARDBOARD】The scratching cardboard can be used the other side when one side is worn out. You could reuse the Bed by simply purchase a new cardboard in our shop to have a brand-new scratching bed.

?【 RECYCLABLE CARDBOARD 】The scratcher or scratch pad are made from corrugated cardboard. So not only is the material lightweight and durable, but it can also be easily replaced and recycled once worn out.

?【 ELEGANT DESIGN 】This cat box stands out from the rest with its elegant, white, sleek design. Both cats and owners can appreciate the beautiful and functional Cat Scratcher in any home. Simply place on the floor in the room of your choice.

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PetIsay Anti-Scratch Cat Scratching Deterrent Tape | Scratch Control Aid | Double Sided Cat Training Sticky Strips | Stop Cat Scratching Furniture Protector, Clear, 10CM x 15M(Single Roll)

PetIsay Anti-Scratch Cat Tape – This feline friendly tape is purrfect for protecting your furniture from little claws. Just peel, cut and stick where needed. The invisible sticky surface that it creates, will stop your cat or kitten from scratching.

Invisible Cat Couch Protector – You love your cat, but like your couch too! This anti-scratch cat tape keeps your furniture looking fantastic, and is totally safe for kittens of all ages. Great for cat training, it easily peels off without leaving any residue!

Versatile Cat Furniture Protector – This tape can be stuck anywhere your kitty scratches, from fabric and leather couches, to vinyl floor tiles, and varnished doors. Just add a little of this terrific tape to instantly protect your furniture!

Simple Cat Scratch Deterrent – Forget no scratch cat spray, this sticky tape keeps paws off your furniture, walls, doors and couches without any odour at all! Kittens quickly learn to keep their claws to their cat scratching post, so you can be sure your sofa is safe!

LIMITLESS APPLICATIONS – Can also be used as a general double-sided tape for mounting light objects and for woodworking and other DIY projects. 【IMPORTANT】: It’s not recommended to use it on faux or real leather sofa,because adhesive may damage leather surface! Always test before use!

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