NEWTRY Dog Dryer Hair Force Dryer Stepless Adjustable Speed Temperature High Velocity Dog Cat Hair Dryer Professional Pet Grooming Blower 2000W/3.2HP Reduce Noise Heat Insulation (Black)

SUPER POWER AND QUICK DRY—2000W super power, which can quickly disperse the moisture. It usually dry small dogs in 2-3 minutes, medium dogs in 10 minutes and large dogs in 20 minutes.The circuit and motor isolation technology is adopted to greatly reduce the failure rate and protect the fuselage safety.

HIGH QUALITY FILTERS—The thickened filter can resist the inhalation of debris and reduce the probability of malfunction of the fuselage. At the same time, the noise is reduced at the air inlet at first.

LOW NOISE—-This product uses a thickened metal shell to reduce noise while effectively insulating. At the same time, the silencer inner barrel is used to protect your pet from shock.

WIND SPEED ADJUSTABLE, COLD AND HOT WIND ADJUSTABLE—There is a rotary switch to adjust the wind speed, which is 20-70m/s. Two temperature wind, hot and cold wind adjustable, which is 30-55℃(86-131℉).

THREE DIFFERENT NOZZLES—Wide flat nozzle: The area of the wind is large, you can quickly dry the thick hair, it is recommended to use it on hot days. Flat nozzle: strong and concentrated wind, suitable for local hair, also suitable for styling. Round nozzle: The wind power is relatively soft, and the hot air can achieve the drying effect. It is recommended to use it in cold weather.

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