Wicked Tangle Professional Pet Hair Clippers – Electric Cordless Cat Dog Grooming Trimmer Kit | UK

Professional Pet Grooming Kit – Our Clippers use a high technology 3-speed motor, allowing you to use low, medium and high power modes to groom a long thick coat. In the box you will receive a set of professional pet hair clippers, 2 handy interchangeable double sided combs, giving you 4 trimming lengths, a set of scissors, a comb to help detangle your pets coat, a brush to help keep the blades in perfect condition, a USB charging cable and a really handy storage carry bag for added convenience.

As well as our pet hair clippers being more elegant and ergonomic, they have 2 main advantages over other pet hair clippers available on the market; we have a battery indicator which shows you how much life is left in the battery and we have a 3-speed motor with an indicator to show you which speed setting you are on – most other clippers only have a 1-speed motor. We have also taken into consideration some reviews of our competitors and ensured that our scissors are sharp, not blunt.

Safe To Use On A Variety Of Animals – Our pet hair clippers could be used as rabbit hair clippers. They could be used as cat hair clippers as well as dog hair clippers, or they could even be used as horse hair clippers.

Quiet Operation and Skin-friendly – Precision motor, low vibration and less noise. The hair trimmer has a low noise level when working, so you don’t need to worry about your pet becoming anxious while they are being groomed. The spindle of the powerful motor is made of fine copper, therefore cutting down on the risk of clamping onto your pets hair. Also, the built-in ceramic heads help to prevent skin irritation.

Cordless Design – The cordless pet hair clipper gives you lots of flexibility while clipping your pet. No matter if indoors, or outdoors, you can finish clipping your pets hair very easily. Both cordless and corded uses are available. The rechargeable battery takes up to 3 hours to fully charge and gives you up to 4 hours of cordless trimming time.

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