YT Direct Professional Cat/Dog Nail Clippers, Stainless Steel Pet Claw Scissors/Trimmers for Medium and Big Pets Grooming at Home, One Nail File Included

【PROFESSIONAL PET NAIL CLIPPERS】Designed to safely trim the nails of big and medium pets like kitty cats, birds, rabbits, lapdogs, guinea pigs etc.; Our pet grooming tools are recommended for pro groomers & pet owners doing DIY grooming

【CLEAN AND QUICK CUTS】The pet claw scissors are made of high grade stainless steel blades, it is sharp enough to trim your dogs/cats/birds/rabbits claws with just one light cut, it will stay sharp for years to come

【SAFETY】The safety stop guard can effectively avoid overcutting nails too short and injury to your pets

【EASY TO USE】Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are easy and comfortable to use

【BONUS】A pet claw file is included in the package to polish the sharp claws after cutting your dogs and cats claws

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