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Reinforced Cat Screen Door, 32”X82” Heavy Duty Pets Proof Screen Door with Bilateral Zipper, Prevent Dogs Cats Running Out from Home, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen Patio Door

【Pet Protection Screen Door 】If you want to keep your pets like dogs or cats in the house, this pet-proof screen door for the bedroom would be a good choice if you want to keep your pets away from the baby. It will stop your beloved pet from running out of the room while they can still enjoy the fresh air and it can become a toy for the cat , also maybe your cat will be a spider-cat.

【Fits All Door Sizes Up To 30×80″】If your door frame measures 30″ or less in width and 80″ or less in height, then this retractable screen door will be the perfect fit. Important: Measure your door before ordering to be sure our door mesh screen with magnet will fit. See all available sizes to order the perfect size for your door opening. (Suitable for door size only, door frame not included.)

【Effective Anti-cat】We has designed a double zipper inside and outside on the cat-resistant mesh screen, which is convenient for you to open the door screen. Besides, it’s adhesive and hook and loop tape are very strong, and the screen will not be scratched off by the cat. It can effectively stop cats from running out of the room while keeping the air circulating, and it can also effectively prevent biting creatures from flying in.

【Easy to Install & Remove】You don’t need to use other tools, just stick the glue on the back of the hook and loop tape to the door frame and then paste the pet door screen. Remind that please clean the surface of the door frame before installation, and then compare the size of the screen with your door to leave enough edges.

【Easy to Install & Clean】This cat screen door has good stickers and it could make you easy install for few minutes, and if you want to replace to other doors, just remove this screen door, we have package double subsidiary tools for you , the cat screen door can be easily installed. Cleaning this product is the easy thing too, it is dust-proof, waterproof, scratch proof.

【Two wider Sticker】The new sticker is more sticky, it can be helpful prevent cat from getting door, Excellent design is tighter and longer service life, made of vinyl coated steel wire and nanotechnology, it could be the perfect pet door than other door. we have package double subsidiary tools for you

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