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KOOLTAIL Halloween Cat Breakaway Collar 2 Pcs – Adjustable Collars with Bow Witch Broom Pattern for Small Cats Kitten

SIZE: Neck girth 8.5″ – 12.8″,width 0.4″.Carefully measure your cat’s size and remember to leave appropriate room for avoiding discomfort and choking.

Halloween style: The collar is designed with the Halloween style which have witch hat,eye,ghost,candy,broom pattern by heat transfer printing.Bowite with Halloween pattern makes your cat charming and cute and it is free to move on the collar,conveniently adjustable.

Black Bell: Matches a black bell,you can immediately know where your cat is going when you hear the clear sound from bell.It’s also can be take off,You won’t be disturbed at night.

Durable: This cat collar is made of high quality webbing material,ribbed bowtie and durable D-ring,safe breakaway buckle,metal bell.It’s as easy to use as other collars in SCENEREAL.

2 PACKS: Every package comes with 2 different color collars.1 orange and 1 black.If you have 2 cats then it would be perfect for them,if not it dosn’t matter because it helps for daily replacement.

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FurDreams Pets Cat & Dog Bed – Self Heating Thermal Puppy Pads – Calming Mat Blanket for Indoors & Outdoors – Suited to Household Animals, Plush, Washable, Non-Electric, Noiseless Heat Pad (70 x 40cm)

PERFECTLY SAFE – Being non-electric with absolutely no chemicals present, there is no need to worry about any safety concerns with our lovely FurDreams Self Heating Pet Bed! This simply works with the intelligent material design retaining and reflecting your pets body heat back to them. Also machine washable

COMFORTABLE – Constructed from beautifully soft materials for your furry friend to enjoy. With the multi-layer plush, fleece and thermal insulation fibre bed this maintains comfiness and warmth in all situations.

NO RUSTLE SOUND – Your pet will never be spooked by our beds as we employ an advanced design to stop any nasty rustling or crinkling sounds. This meaning your pet can rest away and be insulated all day with no stress!

PRESSURE ACTIVATED – Filled with multiple insulating layers to keep heat in, these beds simple work by absorbing your pet’s own body heat to warm up, meaning no plugs, electrics or nasty chemicals! This is perfect for all small to medium pets such as Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and more

LARGE SIZE – Coming in with dimensions of 70x47cm, this is suitable for most animals and is able to be used in many areas/situations. Take this outside on the porch or inside next to your own bed, wherever they feel comfortable, you can use this!

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Cat® Product Link™ | Maximizing Efficiency

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Cat® Product Link™ – A busy job site can seem well organized but how do you really know if every machine working to capacity? Without hard data, it can be difficult to tell when equipment is idling excessively; and costing you unnecessary time, fuel and money. Cat Product Link puts that data at your fingertips and makes it easy to see when you might want to reassign equipment for maximum efficiency, utilization and productivity.

Learn more at: http://www.cat.com/en_US/support/operations/technology/fleet-management-solutions/product-link.html

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