Quick Stop for Dogs Nails,Blood Stop Powder for Dog and Cat – Dog Nail Blood Stopper, Pet Wound Healing Powder Dog Stop Bleeding Products, Clotting Powder for Dogs. Znet-au

✸【Convenient to Use】For cuts or wounds put the pet dog styptic powder directly on the bleeding wound and press with two fingers until the bleeding stops.

✸【Quick Hemostasis】This dry pet styptic powder has various useful functions, such as quick hemostasis, wound analgesia, anti-inflammatory and other effects.

✸【Easy to Carry】Travel friendly, small and portable, can be put in your pocket, purse, backpack or carry-on luggage. Take hemostatic powder with you on the playground, on camping or on vacation, take care of your pets and take care of your health.

✸【Safety Ingredients】The pet styptic powder is made of bentonite, diatomaceous earth, aluminum chloride, ferric sulfate, these ingredients are all safe for pets.

✸【Multifunctional Use】The high-class hemostatic powder can not only heal scratch wounds but also acts as a powder for cleaning claws and other skin wounds.

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