Royal Pets House Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set 7-inch 4pc for Dogs and Cats with Rounded Tips for Safety with Leather case, made of Stainless Steel

? 4-in-1 Hair Grooming Kit ? Dog and cat grooming kit meets all your cat’s or dog’s hair cutting or styling needs, as the grooming scissor kit equipped with 1 x 6.0″ Straight Scissor, 1 x 6.0″ Thinning Scissor, 1 x 7.0” Curved Scissor, 1 x Hair Comb, 1 x Cleaning Cloth and it comes in a leather case

? Rounded tips and rubber pad ? Professional dog scissors for grooming have a round blunt tip which allows you to trim your pets safely , especially in sensitive areas such as the eyes and ears. Meanwhile, the rubber pad, which is located between the handles, helps to ensure a smooth grooming procedure, which makes your pets more comfortable when it comes to grooming procedures

? Adjustable ? Screws on scissors allow an easy adjustment of scissor rightness, which helps to achieve desired effect and ensures the best user experience

? Sharp and durable ? This unique do ensures g grooming scissors kit is made of high-end 4CR stainless steel. A high-quality sharp and smooth stainless steel blade is ideal solution for detailing, trimming, thinning and other similar procedures as it clean and precise cutting without pulling hair. Maintain after trimming to ensure that scissors can be used for many years and keep best efficiency

? Easy to Store ? The pet clipper set contains of 3 different types of scissors, a comb and a cloth. This stylish set also contains a beautifully-designed storage bag that represents a high-quality of products. The stylish bag is designed in a specific way so to ensure convenience when it comes to storage and carrying it around

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