GPS tracking unit

YoPets Mini GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs & Cats. Canadian Product. Latest 4G LTE/CAT-M1 Model, Real time Tracking, Unlimited Range. Small Size with Rechargeable Battery. SIM Card Included. Special Sale

Real-time tracking – Choose live tracking to get your pet’s location updates every 5 -10 seconds. Playback walk-routes to learn your pet’s travel history

Unlimited Geofence with Instant Alerts- Easily define virtual safe areas on the mobile app and get notified whenever your dog or cat enters or exits this virtual perimeter. Know when your dog or cat leaves a safe area

No Range Limitation – Track your pet from anywhere at anytime. Supporting over 50 countries with Cat-M1 network

Small dog tracker with SOS button with 1-2 days battery life. Weather resistant with IP65 rating – can withstand heat, snow, dust. Box includes GPS Tracker, silicone case and magnetic charger

Subscription Plan needed. Please pick either a monthly plan for $15 or 3 months plan at $12 per month or 12 months plan at $9 per month (to be paid upfront). Why do you need to buy a subscription? YoPets GPS trackers communicate with satellites to learn about the location & use mobile networks to send the GPS location of your pet to your smartphone. YoPets covers the cost for data communication & only charges a flat subscription fee. So your pet is safe 24/7 in over 50 countries worldwide.

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UBEE CAT GPS Tracker for cats, Lightest UK tracker (23g), Unlimited Range, Free & Shareable App, UK Support

Live tracking and location history + virtual fences | GPS / LBS / WiFi. Free and shareable app with European wide coverage

Lightweight (23g) and small – designed for cat collars with free rubber collar attachment

Splash / puddle proof

Rechargeable battery with up to 3 days endurance on standby

SUBSCRIPTION required – Low fee starting at £2.99 per month (2 years up front). One week’s free trial included. Other subscriptions 12 months (£3.49), 6 months (£3.99), Monthly £4.49

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