AUTISM AGE 7 – Shopping for clothes and pet toys (Tip toe walking)

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When I watched this video back, I became so emotional because I never thought we’d EVER be able to do this.
Usually trips to the shop means, SN pushchair and harness…. me sweating and full of anxiety trying to get what I needed as fast as I could and getting out of there ASAP.
Eventually we started going to ASDA after 8pm and she was better but still had to stay in the pushchair, as long as she had her blanket ready to hide and her iPad she was fine.
That became a regular 3 night a week thing.
It does seem that ASDA is the only place she will feel comfortable to shop for longer in as when I try other places she hides her head into me and asks to go home.
I know that it’s more bareable for her because it’s during school hours but still a massive step up from a year ago.
The pet shop is also somewhere we’ve been many times since she was a baby but it’s never busy and she does really well in there.

Totally forgot about her tip toe walking until I noticed it in this video, next time I’ll remember to record her for longer while she is walking. I wasn’t even going to add that part in because it’s so wobbly while I was walking. ?

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