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SEALEN Cat Treats Sugar Ball, Pet Cat Snacks Catnip Isinglass Candy, Solid Nutrition Gel Energy Ball Cat Toy 4 Pack

✅NUTRITION INGREDIENTS: Contains catnip which can urge spitting cat fur and various trace elements including fish glue.

✅CATNIP: Catnip can attract cats to taste the sugar, and make them excited, help them spit hair ball.

✅EFFECT: By licking the sugar, it can increase the amount of drinking water and help improving the cat’s habit of not liking to drink.

✅STICKER: The bottom sticker can let you put the ball at anyplace for fun, such as floor, wall or cat nest.The color of the bottom of the cat candy is random

✅NOTE:Just as some cats are not interested in catnip, not all cats love this suger ball.Experimental results show that about 80% of cats are interested in it.

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BUTCHER'S Classic Wet Cat Food Variety Tin Meat in Jelly (24 x 400g)

Mixed canned selection of flavours including; Beef, Chicken and Game (9.6kg total)

Grain and Gluten free with Vitamin D and minerals for healthy teeth and bones

Made with natural ingredients – No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

High in natural protein providing essential amino acids for healthy muscles

Healthy eyes and heart from essential taurine, nutritionally balanced and 100 Percent Complete

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Felix Mixed Selection in Jelly Cat Food, 120 Pouches, 120 x 100 g

Contains 100 Percent of the nutrients your cat needs for a healthy, balanced diet

An ideal assortment of dishes including beef, chicken, tuna and salmon with trout

Specially formulated by PURINA vets and nutritionists for your adult cat

Vitamins and minerals provide your cat with all he needs to live a happy and active life

Served in individual pouches for an ideal dining experience

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