[Eng sub] 3 in 1 Auto Swing Cat Toy 뱅글뱅글 ? 우리 집사님들 더이상 팔 아프게 흔들지 마새오 ??

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옥희독희 뱅글뱅글 ? 또 다른 완소 장난감~!
?? 귀여운 냥이들과의 콜라보 영상 감상해주세요~

Cat toy 3 in 1 Auto Swing ? another great cat toy!
?? Enjoy our Auto Swing Cat Toy & Cute Cats’ collaboration video~

저번에 구매했던 캣요요볼 사용 영상을 옥희독희에서 보시고 감격스럽다며 장난감 선물을 보내주셨어요. ㅜ ㅜ 냥님들한테 칭찬 받았네유 ㅋㅋㅋ 정말 감사합니다~
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. 귀요미 냥님들과 집사의 이야기는
. 블로그와 인스타에서도 보실 수 있어요~! ? You can also enjoy our cats life here!
. 포포 Popo (Selkirkrex + Munchkin)
. 카린 Karin (Mainecoon)
. 러끼 Lucky (Ragdoll)
. 심바 Simba (Norwegian Forest)

英國短毛貓 | British Shorthair |new toy for toys.

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#熱門#Britishshorthair #cat #英國短毛 #貓 #英短 #藍貓 #銀影
英國短毛貓 | British Shorthair |new toy for toys.

British Shorthair |cat one day diary/英國短毛貓

British Shorthair |wearing 2019 new clothes for cat/英國短毛貓

British Shorthair |new toy for toys.英國短毛貓

British Shorthair |Mask law for cat.(蒙面法)英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | Grooming brush for cat, spa,英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | CAT WEAR BOWTIE, HANDSOME,英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | Funny cat sleep/Cat sleeping song/英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | HOW TO CUT CAT HAIR?英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | Happy cat at the vet, See the doctor!英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | Amazing day eat some food for cat/英國短毛貓

British Shorthair |Cat play to dizzy,ipad game .1/英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | where are you hiding?I will find you and win the game.英國短毛貓

British Shorthair |new toy for toys.
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DIY Cat Toys: How to Make a Cat Treat Dispenser | The Sweetest Journey

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Learn how to make an easy toy for your cat to make feeding time fun and stimulate your kitty's inquisitive nature.

Small Cardboard Box
Cardboard Tube
Scissors or Box Cutter
Glue Gun or Crafting Glue
Acrylic Paint

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