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New Cat Toys for Karma Kitty – Viewer Comment Suggested

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New Cat Toys for Karma Kitty! Da bird was a viewer comment suggested cat toy option for Karma Kitty! We love getting new pet toys for Karma and Zombie! In previous videos we got tons of comments which suggested new toys cats love, for karma. Among those comments from the viewers following Karma kitty suggested we buy a toy called DA BIRD. After more than one viewer suggest these new toys cats love for karma we had to go buy one! Karma loved the new toys so much we had to go back and get the expansion pack! Cats love these!

It no surprise to see karma playing with her new toys and LOVING them! I have quickly come to realize that I have some of the best subscribers on YouTube, and I know that because of all the love everyone has shown with their hints and tips and all kinds of advice on what new toys to get for Karma!

It was super fun to watch karma and I think this is my best funny cat video so far! Karma really is a funny cat!

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英國短毛貓 | British Shorthair |new toy for toys.

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英國短毛貓 | British Shorthair |new toy for toys.

British Shorthair |cat one day diary/英國短毛貓

British Shorthair |wearing 2019 new clothes for cat/英國短毛貓

British Shorthair |new toy for toys.英國短毛貓

British Shorthair |Mask law for cat.(蒙面法)英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | Grooming brush for cat, spa,英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | CAT WEAR BOWTIE, HANDSOME,英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | Funny cat sleep/Cat sleeping song/英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | HOW TO CUT CAT HAIR?英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | Happy cat at the vet, See the doctor!英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | Amazing day eat some food for cat/英國短毛貓

British Shorthair |Cat play to dizzy,ipad game .1/英國短毛貓

British Shorthair | where are you hiding?I will find you and win the game.英國短毛貓

British Shorthair |new toy for toys.
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Caught countless cute moments of cat and owner sleeping together

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Caught countless cute moments of cat and owner sleeping together
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