Famgizmo Natural Sisal Cat Scratching Post 90 cm Trees Scratching Post for Cats with Nest Multi-Level Activity Center for Kittens with Hanging Toys, Cat Furniture, Dark Blue

❤ Safe and protected: This cat tree tower is made from safe and environmentally friendly materials. The non-toxic chipboard is covered with soft and skin-friendly plush and the poles are wrapped with natural sisal.

❤ COMFORTABLE HOME & FUN TOWER: Offers super soft and warm relaxation points; Dangling toys can react intensively to kitten’s movements and attract attention; Sisal rope wrapped poles help develop a positive habit to scratch; Multi-layer tower meets the climbing nature of kittens.

❤ WIDE SPACE: This multi-level cat tree is designed to make more than one kitten play at the same time. Expands the area used vertically and offers more space for pets to climb and explore. This spacious cat tree tower can prevent kittens from fighting for a place to lie down and play. The cat condo offers a comfortable space for your cat to relax.

❤ STRONG HOLDING COLUMN: The pillar supported by the updated version of the sisal rope is wrapped around the surface of the pillar relatively thick, durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which provides a powerful structure for the safety of kittens and helps maintain healthy nails.

❤ EASY ASSEMBLY: Comes with all necessary parts and hardware, easy to assemble under details. And the detachable structure is easy to store without taking up extra space in the house.This adorable kitten tree is ideal for families and pet shops/pet bars. It is available in different colours, so you can always find one suitable for your tastes or your cats or the decor of your room.

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