Pet Express Dog Car Seat Cover: The Durable Tear-Proof WaterProof Single Protector For Fabric & Leather Front Seat Cars, Vans, SUV & Trucks

This durable long lasting dog seat cover from Pet Express is the best available on Amazon. It’s waterproof, tear proof and scratch proof. Your pet can bite, scratch and tear up this dog seat cover but the 4 layers of durable material will last a lifetime.

We have designed this single car seat cover to stop your pet from slipping around, and the added zippers allow you to create a protected hammock which keeps your pooch safe. This front seat cover clips to the seat and has a PVC non-slip bottom with an anti-skid design so it doesn’t move around while you drive.

Dirty doors, scratched leather seats and messy pets all cost time and money to fix. Use our front seat car protector and wrap your dog in a protective hammock that stops dirt from getting anywhere in your car. You’ll protect the seat, doors and floor from scratches, tears, fur and muddy paws and save money on cleaning your car

Before your wet dog drags his muddy paws into your clean car, make sure you have the Pet Express car seat protector to keep your leather seats sparkling clean. After the car seat cover gets dirty, throw it in the wash for 30 minutes and your car will always stay safe.

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