RYERCAT Space Dual Sided Cat Toothbrush – Only 8mm Wide to fit into Cat's Mouth – Cat Dental Supplies

[ Struggling to find a toothbrush small enough? ] You’ve found it, the smallest toothbrush on Amazon. We had the exact same problem which is why we created such a small kitty toothbrush. This toothbrush is actually proportionate to your cat’s mouth unlike most pet toothbrushes on the market (which are made for bigger dogs. And yes, this can also work amazing as a small dog toothbrush).

[ Dual Sided ] The most important area of brushing your cat’s teeth is the back molar area. This is where most of the plaque & tartar build up occurs. However, cat molars have deep grooves, and food often gets stuck back there. Use the pick side of the RYERCAT Toothbrush to “floss” your cat’s teeth and get food out from tricky areas. No need to stop & pick up a 2nd tool with a wiggly cat.

[ Social & Environmental Impact ] – Our products are ethically sourced and our factories undergo rigorous inspections of both health & cleanliness standards as well as human rights standards. Our Cat Toothbrush is also made from biodegradable cornstarch which gives it a “matte” feeling.

[ Colors & Cats ] – What better to capture your attention to remind you to brush than amazing colors? The RYERCAT Toothbrush currently comes in 5 different colors. Ocean Blue, Lavender Light Purple, Amethyst Purple, Space Blue, & Flamingo Pink. We recommend to get a different color for each cat so they do not share germs. (Imagine sharing a toothbrush with your brother… Gross!)

[ Resources & Education ] Enjoy email support & educational resources from us! We know the learning curve when it comes to brushing your cat’s teeth. The founder of RYERCAT works as a Registered Nurse in Dental Anesthesia (for humans!) and brushes her 3 cats teeth every night. We have millions of views on tiktok with “How to Brush your cat’s teeth” As well as recorded speaker events at Meowfest 2022. Our goal is to Redefine Feline Oral Health.

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Sam Marsh Explains What Makes Tigga Towers Cat Beds So Special

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In this video filmed at the PATS Exhibition 2013, Karen catches up with Sam Marsh, Founder of Tigga Towers, who explains why their cosy cat beds are so special. We also get to meet Sam's lovely Maine Coon cat 'Duke'.

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