Lick Mat for Dogs,Dog Crate Lick Mat,Dog Cat Anxiety Relief,Slow Down The Intake of Cat and Dog Food,Dog Puzzle Toys Can be Attached to The Dog Cage to Distract Pets and Reduce Barking.

?【Lick Mat for Dogs Help digestion】:?Tapis de léchage chien Change the licking habit for dog cat,?food settles on the surface of the lick pad,dog dishes for dogs to eatslowly,forcing them to spendtime eating,improve digestion and reduce bloating.?It’s a great alternative to slow feeder dog bowls.??Consume the time and energy of your dogs and cats so they won’t get bored and destroy household furniture.Keep them busy,not pestering you andfreeing up your time.**?gifts for cat dog

?【Like the snuffle matrelieve dog anxiety】:Use dog distraction lick pad to relieve anxiety.??Repeated licking will increase endorphins.Pet lick mat can inhibit destructive behaviors during stressful times,calm pads for cratetraining,pet bathing,catdog paw cleaning,grooming and trimming.??Great slow food dog accessories.

?【Dental health dog toys】:Greatfor cat and dog dental care,?The dog lick mat is made of textured surface,Petscan clean up food waste by licking to stimulate salivation.lick mat help protect the pet’s teeth and gums,Fresher breath.?

?【Lick Mat for Cats Easy to clean and use】:?Unscrew the cage buckle on the back,6 silicone non-slip pads can be used on smooth ground to prevent slippage of the licking mat,Can also be used on dog food.Noneed to wear the dog muzzle when bathing,trimming or grooming your dog.??Thepuppy lick mat can be washed in the dish washer or hot water,no deformation andfracture.

?【Cat dish made offood grade silicone material】:??Dog lick mat BPA free,High temperature water,antifreeze.【Warranty】:If you are troubled by product problems,??please contact us as soon as possible to solve it for you,including return or exchange.

?【SUNFATT 】 :Always focus on pet supplies.?A brand created by pet lovers who know exactly what pets need.Designed to provide quality,well-made cat and dog supplies for all furry friends and pet owners.SUNFATT product range includes most of cat and dog accessories such as cat and dog toys,??floppy fish,Dog Soccer Ball,dog lick mat,dog water bottle,dog leash,dog collar,dog bowl,cat dog brush,dog treat pouch,dog puzzle,nail grinder,grooming clippers,nail clippers and dog doorbells.

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