PET IMPACT Reusable Dog Pee Mats, XL Premium Washable Puppy Training Pads, Dog Incontinence Pads, 2-Pad Box EXTRA LARGE (Midnight Blue, 35"x32")

?? ????? ?? ???? – no stress and mess at home! These XL reusable pads (90 by 80cm) provide relief from cleaning up after your pet, and convenience with less frequent pad changes. We promise to prioritise your satisfaction through prompt customer support, product replacements, and lifetime money back guarantees!

❤️?????? ??? ???? ??? – shred-proof, chew-resistant, and durable puppy pads greatly reduce ingestion risk – disposable pads are more easily torn and swallowed. Non-slip backing keeps pads in place, preventing slips, falls, and injuries. Soft brushed top surface is gentle on paws and skin

??????????? ??? ???? ???? – no more mess! Waterproof backing layer keeps home surfaces and furniture clean and dry. Large size ensures high volume absorption and prevention of splashes. No worries about unwanted stains and marks

??? ?????????? – don’t waste money buying heaps of disposables. Multipurpose reusability allows long-term use as food/drink bowl mats, car seat covers, whelping pads, kennel liners. Also receive access to exclusive vet-written PDF guides on puppy toilet training and managing dog incontinence!

???? ??? ?????? – these environmentally friendly pads comes in zero-plastic packaging. Most disposable pads have a non-biodegradable plastic base. Through these pads, your pet produces less waste, uses less resources, and contributes to turtle rescue and rehabilitation with the Olive Ridley Project ?!

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