4 Pcs Swimming Robot Fish Cat Toys, Interactive Fish Cat Toy for Indoor Flash Fish, Electronic Cat Stuff Kitty Exercise Toys with LED Light to Stimulate Your Cat's Hunter Instincts (Battery Included) (4 Pcs)

COLORFUL 4 PIECE SET – This set of cat toys comes with 4 uniquely swimming robot fish toys, and 16 LR44 batteries. Shell is Made of New Safe and Environmentally Friendly Plastic, which will not pollute the environment. The LED fish toys’ tail included colors may vary. The fish will stop when there is no movement to save the battery power.

FISH TOYS FOR CATS- Each of our swimming robot fish toys has built-in LEDs that flash when turned on, as well as moving fins for swimming. Perfect for getting your cat’s attention and encouraging them to play with the toy and around water.

STIMULATE YOUR CAT’S INSTINCTS – The LED fish toy’s tail is super like the real fish swimming underwater. The realistic design is great for cats that love to hunt and stalk their prey, encouraging them to overcome fear. This is a fantastic toy to interact with your cat for play and exercise, helping them keep fit and active, both mentally and physically.

BATH TIME FUN – These fish are also great for bathtime fun! The swimming tail adds extra pleasure, and the waterproof design means The swimming Robot Fish toy can swim in any water place at home, like the sink, bathtub, or even in the swimming pool. Just be sure to remove the battery after bath time to prevent any long-term damage from the water.

NOTE – Before use, please check whether the waterproof pad is firm and tighten the screws to prevent water seepage. SUGGESTION: we recommend placing 2 fish in the water, letting your cat play first, and switching it with the other 2 fish after 3-5 minutes, to maximize the battery life. If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll solve them for you within 24 hours.

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Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy,for Indoor Cats Play, Cat Enrichment Electronic Cat Stuff Kitty Exercise Toys Fish with Led Light to Stimulate Your Cat's Hunter Instincts (4Pcs)

STIMULATE YOUR CAT’S INSTINCTS:These interactive cat robot fish toys are a great way to help get your cat excited for playtime by stimulating their natural hunter instincts. They’re also a perfect way to help introduce their new water activities.

BUILT-IN FLASHING LEDS:These fish toys for cats contain built-in LEDs that flash and light up when turned on. They also feature a robotic fin that moves back and forth, gliding these cat robot fish toys gracefully along the water. With these combined features, our cat toys are great for catching your cat or dog’s attention and encouraging them overcome their fear and unease of water to catch and hunt down these fishy fiends.

AUTOMATIC SWIMMING FEATURE:We’ve designed our fish toys for cats with automated robotic fins that automatically begin moving around as soon as they’re placed into the water. Then when you take them out, they automatically turn off to save power.

CAT TOY FUN:we’ve come up with these interactive and colorful cat robot fish toys to help encourage your feline or even small canine companions to sharpen their natural hunter instincts, but also It is also a fishing game toy for children

After-Sales Service: If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will solve it for you within 24 hour

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Cat Fountain: Low Noise Cat Water Foutain Automatic Water Dispenser for Cats and Dogs, Circulating Filtration System, Easy-to-See Water Level, 84Oz/2.4L Capacity

✔️ 【Holds 2.4L/80oz of water】We all know that cats need to drink a lot of water. But did you know that cats in the wild drink twice their body weight in water every day? In a home environment, that means a lot of work for you! This 2.4L cat fountain is enough to keep refills sparse.. 80oz (2.4L) Large Capacity meets the needs of small and medium-sized pets for 3-7 days, so you don’t need to replenish water that often.

✔️ 【Entices your cat to drink more water】Cats are instinctively attracted to moving water, and tend to avoid still water in a regular bowl. So why not keep your little fur baby healthy by giving them constant, fresh running water? This cat water fountain has 3 drinking modes: Flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain for your cat to choose. The adjustable flow modes encourage curiosity and attract pets so that they are more likely to drink more.

✔️ 【Super quiet <40Db】 The water re-circulation system brings ultra-quite performance. Even when it’s working, a low-voltage submersible pump( low power consumption of 2 Watts) helps provide a quiet operation, it stays below 40 decibels,you can place it in the living room, or even bedroom — with no disturbance to you and your pets.

✔️ 【100% safe materials (BPA-Free)】The pet water fountain is made from food-grade material, BPA free PP resin, 304 stainless steel tray, which is safer and more durable than plastic cat fountain. The 360° design allows your cats to drink from the fountain at any side, perfect for multi-pet families.

✔️ 【Water Level Design】Transparent Water Level equipped with extra LED light, you can always be aware of how much water spares – even at night. Also thanks to built-in LED light that will flash a red light when it’s time to top-it up again.

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Duoai Pet Water Fountain, Automatic Cat Water Dispenser Quiet Small Dog Drinking Fountains with Intelligent Pump and LED Indicator Water Shortage Alert

Multi Filtration Circulating Water System: Duoai pet water fountain support multi filtration in Top, Filiter element, Filter tank and Pump sponge to its professional design.This system supplys cleaner water to help keeping your pets healthy and hydrated. 360° multi-directional streams aerate the water for adding oxygen and freshness. It could help you saving time on hydration to your pets

Ultra-Quiet intelligent Pump: The pump is ultra-quiet (measured below 30dB) and has low energy consumption, which gives you and your pets 100% sweet sleep. It comes with auto off function at a low water level. There is a safety light turns flash to provide double alarm. This design prevents the pump from running dry to make you safety. Note: It is powered with USB cable(adapter not included), please follow the instruction to use 5V adapter so that the machine can work normally

High Quality Filter and Sponge: The surface of the filter is made of high-density cotton, which can continuously filter and reliably filter out fur, debris and sand. The inside of the filter element is composed of GAC (granular activated carbon) and ion exchange resin, which can effectively remove odors and impurities, soften water, remove calcium and magnesium ions to protect pets healthy. There is a replaceable sponge to the pumb which could keep the small dirt in the water tank

BPA free & quality material: The pet fountain is made of food-grade material, which is BPA free. To keep the pet water dispenser high quality, we use more material to make the machine body thicker. It’s more durable and steady that meets human health standards

Beauty and Cute : Duoai cat water dispenser is designed by German accroding the theory of simple and beauty in life. The refreshing color collocation would attract the pets and make them a colorful life. It’s very easy to operate and clean that you do not even need the munual instruction. Your pets deserve it

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vonivi 2020 Cat Repellent, Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Fox Deterrent Solar Rechargeable Battery Operated Cat Scarer Repellent for Gardens

【How it Works】Device Sensor emit powerful solar sounds and flashing LED lights to scare Dogs,Cats, Mouse and more other unwanted animals away from your garden or yards.Eco-product. Large effective range with an angle of 110 degrees and detection range of 30-40 feet.

【Rechargerable Batteries & Solar Powered】The machine come with 3 pieces of AA rechargeable batteries. also Solar PoweredSolar panel can meet the daily power consumption at normal settings when it’s sunny day. Without sunshine or on cloudy days, it can work independently for 4 to 7 days in normal conditions. For this condition, please charge the device by a 5V DV or USB adapter.

【Motion Activated】PIR Motion Sensor sensitively detects moving objects while triggering 120 dB alarm sounds, ultrasound and flash to prevent intrusion of bad guys and dangerous animals, protecting your personal and property safety.

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Orijen Cat and Kitten Food, 5.4 kg

With 40% richly nourishing protein, ORIJEN nourishes cats and kittens according to their evolutionary and biological needs.

Free of rendered poultry meals, 1/3 of the meat ingredients are from dehydrated chicken and turkey (air-dried at low temperatures from fresh meat) for a concentrated source of protein.

2/3 of the meat ingredients are FRESH (refrigerated, without preservatives) or RAW (flash-frozen, without preservatives), including the top 10 ingredients.

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Extodry 12 Pack Reflective Cat Collars, Kitten Collar with Bells and Safety Quick Release Buckle, Adjustable 20-34cm, Ideal Size Pet Collars for Cats or Small Dogs(With 4 Pack Anti Lost Tags)

?【Safe Cute Cat Design】These fashionable collars have a cute cat design. Compared with other ear designs, our ears are sleek and safe. Most of the ears on the market are sharp and easy to damage cats.

?【Reflective Safety Design】Reflective strap and bright colours can help you find your pet outdoors after dark and it helps make your pet visible to cars on the road or your flashlight when you’re out searching for them.No worry that they may get lost and Prevent your pet from being hit.

?【Safety Buckle and Adjustable Length Design】These Cat collars are adjustable from 20-34 cm in length.Strong break-away safety release buckle,they have an automatic snap that will release under your cat’s weight. This allows your pets to break free if they become trapped. Great for cats and small dogs and other small pets as well.

?【Anti-lost ID Tags and Ringing Bell 】With 4 anti-lost Id tags, Including address name label personalized tag barrel tube.Cat collar flash with a ringing bell, you can easily find your pet. At the same time nice loud bell to warn the little birds, these collars have reduced the bird casualties to zero.

?【100% Money Back Guarantee 】contains 12 different colors,Does not fit or just don’t like it? We’ll send you a no questions asked refund.

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