Probiotics for Dogs and Cats, USDA Organic Certified, Veterinarian Formulated Probiotic Prebiotic, All Natural Probiotic Powder with 5 Billion CFUs Per Scoop – Fera Pet Organics

USDA Organic Certified, custom formulated by FERA’s CEO, Veterinarian Dr. Dulake, made in USA: Our flavorless probiotic powder contains 12 hand selected strains with organic prebiotics to make the perfect formula for your pet

5 Billion CFUs per scoop: With 12 live powerful strains – Each strain is hand picked and formulated by our veterinarian to be the best dog probiotics and cat probiotics

No additives, fillers or preservatives: All-vegan probiotic, no wheat, corn, soy. gluten, or dairy.

Tasteless powder: easily mixes into their food.

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