PINVNBY Felt Wool Cat Toys Ball Kitten Small Assorted Colorful Soft Felted Fabric Balls Wool Pom Poms Fluffy Fish Shape Toy for Cat Lover 71PCS

【SAFETY FRIENDLY MATERIAL】The product are made of natural wool.This is a renewable and safe material that can be safely used by your pet.The inside of the fish-shaped toy is filled with soft cotton, very soft, your little pet will love them.

【GOOD GIFT FOR CATS】Cats naturally love to chase, and these toys are the right size for your pet cat to run around with them in its mouth. Cats will be happy to chase them when they see these little balls.

【REDUCE THE KITTEN’S BOREDOM】If you don’t have time to spend with your cat, your cat will get bored, they may chew your furniture and shoes, with these toys, they can play for hours, which will make your cat happy and protect your furniture.

【PACKAGE AND SIZE】Each set contains 70 small balls and a fish-shaped toy. Each ball is about 1.1in/3cm in diameter and the length of the fish is about 7.9in/20cm.

【INCREASE YOUR PET’S EXERCISE】The ball is also light.They can help your cat burn off energy and get physical exercise, which will increase the amount of exercise your pet gets and make your pet healthier.The balls are random in color, and different colored balls attract the cat differently.

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