Silvervine Sticks for Cats, 1 Pack Natural Catnip Chew Toys for Kittens Teeth Cleaning, Matatabi Dental Care, Increase Appetite, Calm Cat Anxiety and Stress, Aggressive Chewers Cat Dental Toy

【Silvervine Chew Sticks for Cats】Silvervine and gall fruit contain Actinidine and Nepetalactone, which are attractive to cats. This smell is very attractive to cats and can help cats relieve stress, make them energetic and happy.

【Teeth Grinding and Cleaning】Cat treat toy can clean and grind their teeth while eating silvervine for cats to effectively remove plaque and tartar, improve oral hygiene, keep fresh breath and help prevent gum disease.

【Discharge Hair Balls & Improve Digestion】 Organic Silvervine sticks are rich in plant fiber, supplement vitamins, promote gastrointestinal motility, and enhance appetite, induces vomiting hairballs to help cat health.

【Natural Silvervine Sticks】Our silvervine sticks are made from natural silvervine, raffia, sisal rope and gall fruit (fruit of silvervine), there are absolutely safe for cats to chew and bite.

【Kindly Tips】98% of cats like this cat toy very much. Some cats need to be warmed up, you can interact with the cat to attract the cat to play. If your cat have reactions such as excitement, sneezing, drooling, rolling, running, purring, etc. Please don’t worry, which will disappear in about 30 minutes without any harm to the cat.

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FOXMM Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats,Automatic Cat Toys with LED Lights and 2 Feathers,USB Rechargeable Moving Kitten Toys,360° Rotating Ball Suitable for Cat's Exercise, Chasing and Playing

【Multiple Fun for Your Kitte】Kitten toys for indoor cats with irregular movement and 2 feather accessories can bring multiple fun and enjoy interactive playtime,which can stimulate your cat’s instincts: hunting, chasing, pouncing, scratching, playing and exercising.

【USB Rechargeable Automatic Cat Toys】It can work for up to 2 hours on a full charge (1.5 hours) if your cat keeps interacting with cat ball,and it automatically goes into standby if there is no contact for 5 minutes(re-moving by touch). Then for every 5 minutes of standby, the cat ball automatically shuts off (re-moving by touch).

【Designed for Most Cats & Floors】The electric cat toy can be turned on and off by long press for 1.5 seconds, suitable for any type of hard floor, such as marble, wood and tile floor, suitable for indoor and outdoor activities(Note: not recommended for shag like pile carpet, rug).

【Low-Noise and Cat-Friendly Material】Made of environmentally friendly ABS material, safe and non-toxic, BPA-free, durable and safe. At the same time, the noise of the interactive cat toy is very low, no need to worry about the cat will be nervous, so that your cat enjoy the fun of playing quietly.

【Ideal Gifts for Petsl】Interacting with your pets is always exciting, also no need to worry that the cat will be bored and alone at home, every pets allow to enjoy the fun of FOXMM.Besides,if your cat doesn’t like the toy, please feel free to contact us.FOXMM Team will offer you a satisfying solution within 12 hours. It’s a great gift for dogs and cats.

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KKUYT Cat Door Interior Pet Doors for Cats Kitty Shape Hole Pet Easy Pass Cat Gate fits Inside Door Indoor Door Hides Litter Box Cat for Small Pets Cats Dogs up to 21lbs

【Cute Cat Door】The cat door interior door has a clean arched line that perfectly sets off your door. It has a white finish and can be painted to match your home decoration. It is suitable for hollow or solid sizes ranging from 1.25″ to 1.75″ Door.

【Two-Way Free Entry and Exit 】The pet doors for cats is 10.4 inches wide and 9.1 inches high. The opening is smooth and wide, without baffles, allowing your cat to enter and exit safely, suitable for cats weighing less than 20 pounds to pass through.

【Premium Material】Cat hole door is made of high-quality plastic materials, durable, simple in design, cute cat-shaped design, suitable for matching with various doors to make your house look neat and cute. It allows your cat to quickly pass through a door without having to keep it open all the time.

【Easy to Install】Find a piece of cardboard, draw the inner dimensions of the cat door, use the cutting template to cut the drawn hole on the door, and fix the large interior cat door with the attached screws, then the installation can be completed and maintained for a long time.

【Wide range of Applications】The cat pet door allows your kittens to freely play at home without the cat’s tail being hooked or jammed by the door. It can be installed in the door, glass bedroom, laundry room, garage, basement and other places. Put the cat litter box in the laundry room or basement to isolate the smell.

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WENSILIAN Catnip Toys, Cat Toys, Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Catnip Toys for Cats, Cat Toys with Catnip, Interactive Cat Toy, Cat Chew Toy, Cat Pillow Toys, Cat Toys for Kittens Kitty

Catnip Toy for Cats. Lightweight and perfect size catnip toys for your cats to bat, chase, roll and carry. Keep them busy for a long time and help the kitten stay exercised and healthy.

Cat Catnip Toys. Catnip toys made of soft plush material, filled with non-toxic safe catnip ingredients and are stitched by hand only to make sure all catnip toys are safe for cat playing.

Cat Toys for Indoor Cats. Catnip toys can excite your cats and activates their hunting instincts, engage your cats in solo or interactive play and make playtime fun for your favorite feline friend.

Cat Toys with Catnip. Catnip toys can help satisfy cats’ urges to bite and chew and clean your kitten’s teeth as they play and chew. Also work as cat pillow.

Cat Toys. Package including: 5 x cat catnip toys. (Farm theme: carrot, corn, eggplant, pepper,cucumber) .Cat toys come in different color and shape.

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FANKUTOYS 2 in 1 Self-Play Hanging Door Cat Mouse Toys for Indoor Cats Kitten,Interactive Cat Mice Toys with Bell for Hunting Exercising Eliminating(Style 1)

【Variety Toys】Not only the original mouse, but also any of your cat’s favorite toys can be tied to the free end of the rope, and it will be upgraded to a new toy immediately, very interesting.Can be used as a birthday or New Year’s gift for cats, strengthening your attachment and emotional bond.

【Hanging Self-Playing Cat Toy】You can hang this cat toy on doors, windows, seats, and cat cages,but also can be stick on the window or other smooth surface.without complicated installation process ,allowing cats to play on their own and free the hands of the cat parents.Recommended for busy pet owners.

【Interactive Cat Toy】Cat mouse toys and cat feather toys have many benefits that they can help your cat de-stress and release its natural hunting instincts. Exercise healthily, run and jump, promote digestion,It can train the cat’s bouncing ability and improve the cat’s intelligence, help to ventenergy to prevent the cat from destroying the furniture and boring.

【Adjustable Elastic Rope】Adjustable buckle design allows the length of the rope to be adjusted according to the height of the pet,the rope for hanging cat toys on the door can be up to two meters long,great elasticity,very flexible,lightweight, durable and easy to store.

【Packaged and Service Guarantee】There comes with 2 packs cat toys which will provide more fun with your little cat. If you have any questions about our products, pls do not hesitate ton contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours. .

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Cat Feather Toys, Cat Wand with Suction Cup Detachable and 3 Pcs Replacements, Yingdelai Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats/Kitten

【Easy to Install and Use】Install the cat feather toy on the suction cup, then install the suction cup on the wall, it can be adsorbed on glass or smooth tile surface, metal painted surface, stainless steel surface, etc. Let the cats play freely!

【Detachable Design】Just remove the cat wand toy from the suction cup, and you can directly hold the cat wand to have interesting interactions with the cat, which can not only bring fun to the cat, but also help to enhance the relationship between you and the cat.

【Funny Indoor Cat Feather Toy】The swinging feathers wand toy will attract the cat’s attention and stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct, allowing the cat to experience the joy of chasing and jumping even indoors.

【Keep Cats Happy and Healthy】The kitten toys can help cats relieve anxiety, stress and boredom, help keep cats happy and healthy.A perfect gift for your cat!

【Package Including】yingdelai interactive cat toy Including 1pcs cat wand, 1pcs suction cup, 3pcs replacements toy with bell(1*blue feather, 1*white feather, 1* bird)

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Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy,for Indoor Cats Play, Cat Enrichment Electronic Cat Stuff Kitty Exercise Toys Fish with Led Light to Stimulate Your Cat's Hunter Instincts (4Pcs)

STIMULATE YOUR CAT’S INSTINCTS:These interactive cat robot fish toys are a great way to help get your cat excited for playtime by stimulating their natural hunter instincts. They’re also a perfect way to help introduce their new water activities.

BUILT-IN FLASHING LEDS:These fish toys for cats contain built-in LEDs that flash and light up when turned on. They also feature a robotic fin that moves back and forth, gliding these cat robot fish toys gracefully along the water. With these combined features, our cat toys are great for catching your cat or dog’s attention and encouraging them overcome their fear and unease of water to catch and hunt down these fishy fiends.

AUTOMATIC SWIMMING FEATURE:We’ve designed our fish toys for cats with automated robotic fins that automatically begin moving around as soon as they’re placed into the water. Then when you take them out, they automatically turn off to save power.

CAT TOY FUN:we’ve come up with these interactive and colorful cat robot fish toys to help encourage your feline or even small canine companions to sharpen their natural hunter instincts, but also It is also a fishing game toy for children

After-Sales Service: If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will solve it for you within 24 hour

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Cat Toys Set 30 PCS, Kitten Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor, Incl Cat Tunnel, Fish, Mice, Variety of Balls and Bells Feather Wand, Fun Chew Sticks, Cat Springs, jouet Pour Chat, Crinkle Cat Toys for Indoor & Outdoor Playing (Orange)

【INTERACTIVE CAT TOYS SET】30-piece set including many different types of cat toys. Such as cat teaser wand, tunnel, crinkle balls bells, Rainbow ball, hair ball, small flower drum, stripe cloth ball, colorful mice and so on.

【HIGH QAULITY & FUNNY CAT TOYS】These interactive cat toys assorted are made from premium materials, very durable and useful. All dyes color are not harmful for your cats and friendly to environment.

【EXERCISE&TRAINING PETS】Due to lack of exercise and partner most of pets are over fat, feel lonely or no appetite combine kitten tent with treats, balls or toys for a whole new level of fun that will have your cat stalking, pouncing and running about to burn off those calories and exercise.

【IMPROVE CAT BEHAVIOR】Hunting is the cat’s nature,an energy releasing toys would be the best scientific ways to help cats adapt to our human routines.Don’t have to worry about your furniture got scratched.Encourage your cats exercise by batting, kicking and pouncing with cat balls and cat teaser wand.

【THE PERFECT GIFT SET FOR CATS】A great gift set will always keep your kitten entertained! Our cat toys fits all cats needs. Cats born active, these cat toys stimulate the most of cat’s hunting instincts. It’s best Holiday and birthday gift for your cats.

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