Automatic Cat Feeder, 4L Portion Control Time Schedule Cat Feeder with APP Control, Peteme Smart Pet Feeder for Cats, Dogs & Small Pets, 2.4G Wi-Fi Only

【Ensuring adequate food for pets】: Peteme automatic pet feeder can be charged by adapter or battery (not included) to prevent the lack of food of your pets due to the power off. Please note that the WiFi network must be at 2.4GHz, 5GHz is not supported.

【Help your pet be healthier】: Peteme smart pet feeder can be controlled by manual or APP. Regular and quantitative feeding prevents pets from choking or obesity. You can feed your hungry pet conveniently via APP when you are outside. Peteme automatic dog feeder up to 6 meals daily with 1-10 portions(8-10 grams each).

【Keep dry food fresh】: the 4L container of Peteme auto food dispenser can prevent water vapor and cockroaches. The sealed environment keeps 2-10mm pet food dry and fresh. The translucent storage slot allows you to know the amount of dry food.

【Easy to Use and Clean】: All parts can be disassembled and rinsed with water (Except the host).and must be wiped dry before assembly. Please carefully place the pet feeder in the corner to prevent it from tipping over.

【Personalized 10s recording】: your beautiful voice can be recorded into the Peteme automatic cat feeder. For example “Hey, buddy! Come on! It’s time to eat!”. When you are out or sleeping, your pet can also feel your love.

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Automatic Cat Feeder, 4L Dog Feeder Dry Food Dispenser with Voice Recorder and Timer, Stainless Steel Bowl, Up to 40 Portions 6 Meals Per Day, Dual Power Supply & Twist Lock Lid

[Scheduled Feeding Time] Automatic cat feeder with timer help control your pet’s meal time and body weight, which establish good eating habits to live a long and healthy life with you. Automatic pet feeder for cats can program up to 6 meals with 0-40 portions per meals to feed your pet.

[10s Voice Meal Call] Built-in speaker and mic, extra large automatic dog feeder with timer allows you to record a 10s voice audio to be played when feeding dispenses and create a strong bond. Keep your pet excited about meal times and feel your care even when you’re not at home.

[User Friendly Design] Intuitive LCD screen makes this cat feeder automatic dog food dispenser setup easily and quickly. Cat auto feeder for cats is made of food grade ABS and stainless steel for easy cleaning, which provides a healthy environment for your pet’s food.

[Suitable Food Capacity] This 4L/17 cups(1cup=8oz) auto pet feeders for cats consistently provides food for your cat and small dog smoothly for several days. With anti-clog design, automatic pet feeders for dogs make you no more worrying about food clogs and keep your pet full and happy when you go out.

[Dual Power Supply] Powered by USB power adapter or 3 D-cell batteries (not included), large dog food dispenser automatic is equipped with setting memory to prevent sudden power failure. When you plan to leave your pet for a few days, the pet automatic feeder cat dry food with battery backup will continue to dispense meals even when the power goes out.

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Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder, Cat Food Dispenser with Voice Recorder, Timed Small Pet Feeder with Programmable Timer, 1-4 Meals Per Day, 3L/12.7 Cups Capacity

?3L/12.7 Cups Capacity to Ensure the Freshness of Pets’ Food. Based on a thousand times of tests in our lab, the automatic cat feeder will feed an adult cat in 15 consecutive days, which are the most appropriate length of time to stay fresh. For a small-sized adult dog, Ymiko pet feeder will meet 7 days’ of its demands. If you’re gone for a day or two or at work all day, give Ymiko auto feeder a shot.

?4 Programmable Feeding Time Settings. The timed feeder can schedule 4 meals in advance with the help of an LCD screen with buttons situated between the feeding bowl and the food hopper. Ymiko automated cat feeder dispenses up to 9 portions of pet food at a customized time, prevent your kitten from meowing you up at 5:00 in the morning for her breakfast.

?10s Voice Recording to Remind Kitties and Poodles. Unlock the LCD screen, press and hold the mic button for 5s to record a personalized voice recording clip for your little mates. That will be a great moment for bonding with them.

?Dual Power Supply & Anti-Clogging Design. 5V DC adapter + 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (NOT INCLUDED), our automatic feeder for medium and small pets adopted the newest power system to prevent outage, thus to guarantee a constant food supply for your beloved pets.

?Easy to Set up & Clean. Press and hold the unlock button ↓ for 3 seconds to unlock the screen. Then press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds to set current time. NEVER DROWN THE MACHINE INTO LIQUID!!! USE A DAMP CLOTH TO CLEAN THE INSIDE OF THE HOPPER. Greatly improve the hygiene around the house.

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Petstages Cat Fun Feeder – Slow Feeder Bowl

PROMOTES FUN, HEALTHY EATING: naturally slows cats’ eating pace by allowing cats to forage for their food through a fun maze

IMPROVES DIGESTION: reducing eating pace can improve digestion and prevent bloating

BPA, PVC & PHTHALATE FREE: Made with food safe materials that you can trust with your kitty.

NON SLIP BASE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Cat Fun Feeders are top rack dishwasher safe, and feature a slip resistant base to keep the bowl securely in place while your kitty chows down.

PROPER PORTION: Cat Fun Feeder holds up to 3/4 cup of wet or dry food.

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Arespark Automatic Cat Feeder, Automatic Dog Feeder, Pet Food Dispenser, 6 Liters Capacity/Voice Recorder/Programmable Timer/Dual Power Model/Button Control/Up to 6 Meals per Day for Medium Small Pet Puppy Kitten (White Standand Version)

?【Flexible Meal Scheduling】 Arespark Automatic pet feeder, with 6 physical buttons with a 2-inch LCD screen (with backlight), easy-to-program timer allows you to personalize the feeding time and portion size of each meal. Up to six meals a day, you can choose from 1 to 50 portion and each portion is 8g (0.28oz).

?【Anti-Clog Design】 Built-in infrared sensor, automatic feeder which can remind you to add food when food is insufficient. Advanced automatic reversal mechanism can effectively help you solve the problem of food jams and ensure that your pet will never be hungry. (The dry food kibble size should between 0.2-0.6” (0.5-1.5cm) food kibble size to ensures food is dispensed smoothly without jamming.)

?【Voice Recording Function】 Built-in speaker and microphone, you can record your own voice and play it every time you feed, so that pets can develop the habit of listening to voices and eating. Offering comfort and consistency from afar.

?【Dual Power Mode】 Arespark automatic dog feeder is powered by a power adapter or 3 D-type batteries(package not included). In case of power failure, the feeder will automatic switch to use 3 D-type batteries to ensure that your pet will never miss the feeding time.

?【Transparent 6L Hopper】 Transparent 6L larger feeder (about 24 Cups) means hold more food at a time. With removable food container and ABS housing, it is easy to clean and see low food warning. That is great for pet parents with a very busy schedule or singles who travel for days at a time.

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ORSDA Automatic Cat Feeder, 135oz/4L Dog Feeder Pet Food Dispenser with Programmable Timer, Portion Control 1-5 Meals Per Day, Dual Power Supply & Voice Recorder for Small to Medium Cats Dogs (Black)

Upgraded Transparent Food Container – This 4L / 16.9cup automatic cat feeder holds the dry food in visible amount while avoiding opening of the cover frequently. The 4L capacity is perfect for you pets to stay full and happy when you go out for a short vacation or work.

Flexible Timed Feeding – No more pre-dawn wake up calls, or worry when you are overtime at night! Easy to program ORSDA automatic cat feeder with timer to dispense food in right time, 1-4 meals per day and up to 40 portions(20ml each) per meal customized healthy diet for your cats and dogs.

Ensures Freshness – The automatic food dispenser contains 2 desiccant bags and a secure twist-lock lid that not only keeps the food fresh but also prevents your pet from accessing stored food.

Greet Your Pet with Voice Recorder – Stay connected with your pet by calling ORSDA automatic pet feeder before meals with a 10s voice recording clip, thus enhancing the bond with your pet by keeping it fed regularly and feel safe & well cared for.

Dual Power Supply – Power supply or batteries (3x D) are used. We recommend using the two together in case of power outages. The feeder runs with a memory function, so there is no need to reset the feeding schedule if power is lost.

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VavoPaw 7L Automatic Cat Feeder, WiFi Enabled Smart Food Dispenser for Cats, Dogs & Small Pets with APP Control, Programmable Timer, Voice Recorder and Portion Control Up to 10 Meals per Day

APP Remote Control Feeding: You can use your smartphone APP to remotely control your pet’s meal time and portion size. Wherever you are, control the Feeder via mobile APP and make feeding more fun.

Automatic Feeding Schedule Setting: You can make an automatic feeding plan following your pet’s dietary habit. A maximum of 10 meals can be arranged in a day, feed more regularly, you pet will live better.

7L Large Capacity : 7L volume large capacity translucent tank, suitable for cat & small dog & other small pets. Remaining amount is clear at a glance.

Convenient Dual Power Supply: This smart automatic pet feeder can be powered by DC 5V/0.5A direct plug-in power supply, or can be installed in the bottom battery compartment with 3 D-type batteries (batteries are not included). Priority is given to using DC power supply, no worry about outage, make sure your pet is fed as planned.

Package Contents: 1 x Pet Feeder(Barrel + Bowl ), 1 x Power Cord(No Adaptor), 1 x Desiccant, 1 x User Manual.

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Automatic Cat Feeder, WellToBe Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cat & Small Dog with Two-Way Splitter and Double Bowls, up to 6 Meals with Portion Control, Voice Recorder – Battery and Plug-in Power

【Flexible Meal Scheduling】- The Cat Feeder can be programmed up to 6 meals a day at scheduled times, and every meal has from 1 to 48 portions of 0.28 oz (about 1/16 cup)per meal for 1 portion, which can help your pet develop a good eating habit. Please note that the kibble size can not exceed 0.47 inch, otherwise, it may get jammed. Please note: you need to record your voice first and then set the meals(the voice recorder is a necessary seting to make sure the pet feeder dispense food well)

【Feed Multiple Pets & Easy to Clean】 – The upgrade auto pet feeder comes with a 2-way splitter and double 3 cups stainless steel food bowls, can divide meals equally, and feed your multiple pets at the same time. you can also assemble it into a usual feeder as you like. Removable food container and food bowls for easy installation and cleaning.

【Upgraded Sound Record Design】- This automatic pet food dispenser has a built-in voice recorder and a speaker to call your pets to their meal with a 10-seconds-long message. You can also disable the recorder sound for your smart pet to have a good sleep on the weekends.

【Anti-Clog Design】- Advanced automatic reversal mechanism to completely solve the problem of food jams. A built-in infrared sensor alerts when the food bowl is full. and The Blue light flashing to remind you it’s time for a refill – make sure your cats never go hungry!

【Never Miss A Feeding】- The WellToBe automatic cat feeder is powered by a power adapter and 4 D-size batteries. In case of a power outage, the feeder will continue to function on 4 D-size batteries to assure your pet never miss a feeding (Batteries are NOT included). The Food storage capacity is 13 cups for dry food can satisfy with one large adult dog 3 days and one adult cat half months feeding demand, perfect for pet parents with a very busy schedule or singles who travel for days at a time.

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