sWheat Scoop Wheat-Based Natural Cat Litter, Multi-Cat, 36 Pound Bag

Multi Cat Litter: Super absorbent, all-natural wheat-based litter for multi-cat households help eliminate smelly urine and ammonia odors; Firm, compact clumping works 2 times faster than Original formula for easy scooping and flushing

Odor Control: Made entirely from flushable, biodegradable wheat, its natural starches and enzymes trap odors on contact and neutralize urine and ammonia odors quickly to help eliminate smelly pet odors in multicat households

All Natural: sWheat Scoop eliminates odors using natural wheat plant extracts instead of harmful chemicals; With no added dyes or perfumes, Multi-Cat, Premium+, Wheat and Corn and Fast Clumping are 100 percent biodegradable and flushable

Farm Grown, Not Mined: While traditional litter is made of clay that is processed through environmentally damaging strip mining, sWheat Scoop is farmer grown, ground up and then bagged for purchase

sWheat Scoop: In 1994, we set out to create a litter that would be safer for pets, people, and the environment without sacrificing performance; What resulted is a renewable, biodegradable and flushable product

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