Autoau Cat Feather Toys,Interactive Retractable Cat Teaser Wand with 8 Refills with Bells and Feather Indoor Interaction with Cats

【Safe and Harmless Materials】 2021 upgraded wand, which is thicker and flexible, not easily broke and more durable.This Cat Feather Toy is made of truth feather materials, so you don’t need to worry about the cat’s health when you use it, you can buy it with confidence.

【Indoor Interactive Toys】 Our 9-piece Interactive feather toy set is rich in variety, including 3 colorful feathers, 1 retractable cat stick, 2 caterpillars, 1 pink fish,1 mouse and 1 long feathers. The cat stick can be adjusted from 39-100cm in length, and most of the feathers have bells, which are highly interactive, and you can have a happy time with your cat.

[Interaction and Exercise]: Pet feather toys can make cats flip, jump, and chase exercises in interactive games to maintain agility and health. It can strengthen the connection between the pet and the owner, thereby establishing trust and companionship.

[Intimate Design]: The teasers toy accessories can consume excess energy of pets and reduce cats’ damage to furniture and shoes. The product can accompany the cat to play for a long time, allowing you to go out and work without any worries.

[Bell Design]: All feather toys are equipped with bells. When playing with the cat, the cat will swirl with the feathers to attract the cat’s attention visually. The sound of the bell will attract the cat’s attention. Double attraction, your cat will love our products.

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