Baby Gate Guru Extra Long M8 (8mm) Spindle Rods for Pressure Mounted Baby and Pet Safety Gates 4 Pack Replacement Set (8mm, White)

8MM SIZE: This 4 pack of M8 spindle rods is designed to fit pressure mounted gates with an 8mm hole where the bolts go in. Please make sure you have the correct size for your gate.

COMPATIBLE WITH: Pressure gates from Regalo, Summer Infant, Carlson, Top Paw, and Evenflo. Don’t see your gate’s brand? Try switching to the M10 (10mm) size.

EXTRA LONG: Each spindle rod measures 12cm (4.7 inches) long, significantly longer than many alternatives, to help ensure a sturdy and reliable fit.

EXTEND THE WIDTH: If you are replacing 8cm (3.1 inch) long bolts, these extra long spindle rods can add just over 3 inches of extra reach to your gate, potentially helping you span a wider opening or achieve a sturdier fit.

ELEGANT COLORS: Choose between clean white or elegant bronze to match or complement your gate. Colors are on both the rotating nut piece and the soft rubbery end for maximum elegance.

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