Kopmath Raised Slow Feeder Cat Bowl, Ceramic Elevated Cat Slow Feeder, Healthy Eating for Wet & Dry Food, Sturdy & Grippy, Pet Puzzle Food Plate, Prevent Vomitting Indigestion, Dishwasher Safe (White)

Slow Feeder, Promotes Healthy Eating. The slow feed bowl is designed with small obstacles. It prolongs pet’s feeding time, effectively prevents bloat and improve digestion. It allows your pets to enjoy the fun of catching food and lengthening eating manner.

Comfortable Height for Cat and Small Dog. The perfect height of the raised slow feeder cat bowl will reduce burden on cat’s cervical spine and back, so that your lovely puppies can comfortably eat and drink without bending head down to the ground. This elevated cat bowl also helps facilitate swallowing and improve digestion.

Wide Opening and Perfect Obstacle Design. The 6” wide and shallow dish keep cat’s whiskers from touching the edge to reduce whisker fatigue. The obstacles are just the right height and not sharp or hard against cat’s teeth. It can slow down eating pace and meanwhile avoid making pet angry when foraging for their dry or wet food.

Safe Ceramic & Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. The ceramic slow feeder bowl is made of durable food-grade material, free of lead and cadmium. Unlike plastic ones, smooth finish can prevent cat’s black chin and feline acne. It is easy to clean in dishwasher and also reheat cat’s food in microwave.

Solid and Stable Base. No More Slipping or Tipping Over. The ceramic base was designed to be wider and heavier, which is more stable to preventing sliding around or being knocked over easily by your cat.It reduces the mess on the floor.

Higher Edge, No Messy Floor. Are you tired of cleaning up the messy floor after every single meal? To prevent pet food falling off and make a mess, Kopmath creates this new cat bowls with raised edge.The edge is tall enough to hold dry or even wet food with liquid for less spillage. You don’t need to waste time on getting rid of the mess.

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