Silvervine Sticks for Cats, 12 Pack Natural Catnip Chew Toys for Kittens Teeth Cleaning, Matatabi Dental Care, Increase Appetite, Calm Cat Anxiety and Stress, Aggressive Chewers Cat Dental Toy

【12 Pack Cat Chew Toys】

【Silvervine Chew Sticks for Cats】Silvervine and gall fruit contain Actinidine and Nepetalactone, which are attractive to cats. This smell is very attractive to cats and can help cats relieve stress, make them energetic and happy.

【Teeth Grinding and Cleaning】Cat treat toy can clean and grind their teeth while eating silvervine for cats to effectively remove plaque and tartar, improve oral hygiene, keep fresh breath and help prevent gum disease.

【Discharge Hair Balls & Improve Digestion】 Organic Silvervine sticks are rich in plant fiber, supplement vitamins, promote gastrointestinal motility, and enhance appetite, induces vomiting hairballs to help cat health.

【Natural Silvervine Sticks】Our silvervine sticks are made from natural silvervine, raffia, sisal rope and gall fruit (fruit of silvervine), there are absolutely safe for cats to chew and bite.

【Kindly Tips】98% of cats like this cat toy very much. Some cats need to be warmed up, you can interact with the cat to attract the cat to play. If your cat have reactions such as excitement, sneezing, drooling, rolling, running, purring, etc. Please don’t worry, which will disappear in about 30 minutes without any harm to the cat.

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NON-SQUARE 20 Pcs Silvervine Sticks for Cats, Natural Catnip Sticks Matatabi Chew Sticks Cat Chew Toys Kitten Teething Toy for Kitten Teeth Cleaning.

【NATURAL SAFE】: 100% natural silvervine sticks (aka Matatabi chewing sticks). Picked at the freshest, organic and unprocessed, it retains its rich wood aroma. Silvervine for cats has no additives or preservatives and is safe for your pet’s health.

【CATNIP ALTERNATIVE】: Matatabi is a plant that cats like very much. Matatabi chew sticks for cats will react similarly to catnip, but it seems to be stronger. Cats display a state of excitement whether they smell or taste it.

【CLEAN TEETH】: Natural tooth cleaning toys. The cat teething toy can effectively eliminate plaque and tartar and clear bad breath. Kitten teething toys are good for improving oral hygiene, preventing oral diseases and maintaining fresh breath. To bring you and your pet closer together.

【PREVENT HAIRBALL DISEASE】: Cat catnip sticks are rich in plant fiber. Cat chew sticks can promote intestinal peristalsis, improve digestion, and increase appetite. It also helps to eliminate hairballs and toxins from the body.

【HAPPY MOOD】: Silvervine Chew Sticks can soothe your cat’s mood and relax your mind and body. Most cats get excited and playful (chewing, rubbing, licking, running, rolling, purring, drooling) when they smell or lick a cat chew toy, and become increasingly playful.

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