Open Top Cat Litter Box with Scoop Drawer-type Design (Color:Beige)

OPEN-TOP DESIGN: Open-top design provides ample space for cat to move around comfortably, lower front for easy entry

DRAWER-TYPE DESIGN: Upper compartment contains cat litter, lower compartment contains urine. Fine Grids allow urine penetration into lower compartment which can be easily removed for cleaning, wide base to keep mess contained within the pan for litter-free floors

Semi-enclosed to avoid splashing, odorless and easy to clean makes your pet and your life easier

Non-Slip Basin Bottom to avoid the pan from slipping away, rimmed sides for easy hold while cleaning or moving, the litter box is made with durable PP material which is long lasting and stain resistant

Suitable for cats under 5 KG. Dimensions: 41x30x15cm (LxWxH) (Target Species: Cats and Rabbits)

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