2-Pack Cat Door Holder Latch, Size Control Multifunctional Cat Door Stopper Pets Strap Portable Lock for Cat Buddy, Keeps Dogs Out of Litter & Food and Protect Babys , No Measuring Easy to Install

【Let Cats In, Keep Dogs out】Our Cat Door Holder Latch Brackets are specially designed for cat pet homes, allowing your cats to freely move in and out of the room, keeping dogs out of the way, or protecting babies and family from large animals.

【Easy to Install Without Measuring】Since there’s no cutting, measuring, screwing or modifying the door, there’s no damage to your paint and no damage to your home! It simply hangs on the doorknob, then puts the pin on the door frame and it’s done. Let you realize the freedom of installation and removal.

【Multifunctional Adjustable Size】Our pet latch has five adjustment holes while other products only have two. You can adjust the width size according to the size of your pet.

【Product Design, Dimensions & Materials】Product comes in a pack of two: cat ears and cat paw designs. The product size is 25*7*0.2cm, and it is made of PE material. It’s strong enough not to break or not bounce back, and it’s designed to deter large animals and keep babies and family safe.

【Comfortable Choice】It fits most door handles.Whether the door is locked or not, easy access from both sides of the door will not hinder your movement. It might be simple, but it works! Don’t make your kitten feel trapped in a closed litter box or piece of furniture.

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