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Prepare to play with Zogoflex Air Dog Toys by West Paw Design. These dog toys were designed for active dogs that love to fetch, made to hold up to hours and hours of play for years and years of fun. Thanks to a lightweight, air-injected center, Zogoflex Air dog toys float higher in the water, making them great for use by the pool, pond, lake or ocean. An air-injected center makes them easy to fling further all while providing a satisfying and durable squish. Made for play, there are three fun designs in the Zogoflex Air line of toys. (1) Wox Dog Toy is made for tugging, tossing and shaking, with three wobbly legs for interactive tug-o-war. It’s squishy, bouncy and puncture-resistant, making it great for bonding or self play. (2) Boz Dog Ball is a textured, squishy ball for obsessive fetchers. It’s light and soft, making it safe for dogs to catch in flight. It’s more durable and safer than a tennis ball, and features a high bounce for in-the-air fun. (3) Dash Dog Frisbee is a high-flying, aerodynamic disc for dogs, made of a soft material that is gentle on a dog’s mouth. A center hole provides for stable, fast flight. It’s easy for dogs to track and for human’s to pick up. Learn more about West Paw Design Zogoflex Air Dog Toys today!

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How to make 5 easiest HOMEMADE DOG TOYS for aggressive chewers | t-shirt toys| Delta approved ;)

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Hi guys

So there have been several requests on the blog posts as well as personally by a lot of dog parents about keeping their pups busy at home. So I have come up with this video about 5 homemade dog toys you can make which would keep your pup busy for a long time. These toys can be used for aggressive chewers as well as docile ones. They are guarenteed to keep your pup busy for a long time while you work or go out. These are cheap, reliable and absolutely non-toxic.

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