Jancoo Dog Toothbrush, Cat Toothbrush|Mini Head|Micro Nano Bristle|Ultra Soft Pet Toothbrush for Sensitive Gum, Dog Dental Care Kit for Puppy,Kitten,Cats&Small Breed Dogs

Cat Toothbrush with Micro Bristle— Pet toothbrush with 10000 Micro Nano floss bristle, bristle thinner, more flexible, more gentle to touch. Work more efficiently and gently than traditional pet toothbrushes

Mini Head Dog/Cat Toothbrush — Mini brush head designed for small pets, fit for puppy, kitten, without hurting pet gum. Also work for adult cats and small breed dogs

Professional Dog Teeth Cleaning Kit—Slightly angled brush head fitting better in pet mouth. Ergonomic handle for easy grip and better control. It’s just ultra softness works for sensitive teeth and gums

4 Count, 2 Softness for Your Choice— 2 Micro bristle dog toothbrushes with ultra softness fitting for small puppy or kitten above 1 year. 2 bonus short handle dog toothbrush with standard medium softness for hard to remove tartar and plague

Great Value Pet Dental Care Package—Package comes with four pet toothbrushes with two softness, so you can always choose the one fitting for you the most, and always have spare ones to back you up. We offer 100% SATISFACTION, if you have any question, contact us, we will get a solution for you quite shortly

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