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In this episode of Dog Psychology with Cesar Millan, I will be teaching you the best tool to use to teach your dog anything, the reference point! Using a reference point you will be able to give your dog a place where they feel safe, peace, and love. Whether it is 4th of July or Christmas, this reference point will allow your dog to get away from the chaos and listen to you. From putting on a leash to learning tricks, you and your dog will love this video!

What you need:
– A quiet environment
– A table
– Dog motivators (food, toys, or you!)


00:21 – Why the Point of References & 3 Points Dog's Have
01:14 – Human Perspective of the Point of Reference
01:45 – Holiday Tips with the Point of Reference
02:47 – What you need!
03:28 – Introducing the Reference Point
06:40 – Introducing the Leash using the Reference Point
08:32 – Conclusion!


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