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수의사도 당황하게 만든 강아지 이쁜이의 사연 ㅣDog Woke Up From Surgery, As Soon As He Saw His Owner

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거대한 혹 때문에 고통 받던 강아지 이쁜이에게
수의사가 되찾아준 것


#집에서함께애니멀봐 #슈퍼벳프로젝트 #강아지이쁜이이야기
애니멀봐와 한배타고⛵

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Amazing Dog Rescue Stories of 2020! ? (2020 YouTube Rewind)

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These funny cute rescue dog stories will warm your heart! Special thanks to Furbo Dog Camera for all of the support they give to help dogs. Get yours here: use code Holiday25 for extra $25 off!

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