Olewo Dehydrated Carrots All-Natural Relief For Dog Diarrhea, Soft & Hard Poop, Gas & Bloating – Whole Food Supplement, Digestive Enzymes & Prebiotic Fiber for Perfect Digestion, Gut Health, Skin & Coat. 1 pound

NATURAL DIARRHEA RELIEF: Highly effective, all-natural dog diarrhea remedy for over 40 years. Helps your dog firm up stools often after just 2 feedings.

DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: Dog digestive support for diarrhea and constipation, anal gland issues, intestinal worms, dog gas relief, bloating relief for dogs.

SKIN AND COAT: Dog skin and coat supplement to promote healthy skin and shiny coat, enhances coat color, markings and pigmentation.

PROMOTES GUT HEALTH: Gut health literally affects your dog’s entire body. A compromised gut can cause allergies, joint pain, autoimmune disease and more.

ALL NATURAL: 100 percent Carrots packed with powerhouse nutrition. Made in Germany. PLEASE READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BELOW.

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