Vetwell Scientific CALMSURE for Dogs | 130 Tablets | Our All Natural Calming Formula Supports Calm Behaviour, Reduces Stress and Eases Anxiety in all Breeds.

SOURCED FROM NATURE – Made from all-natural ingredients, including Lemon Balm, a traditional herbal remedy that encourages calmer behaviour and helps your dog feel more relaxed.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FORMULA – Scientifically proven to provide anxiety relief, CALMSURE is a safe and effective dog calming product, designed to bring stress relief without causing drowsiness.

HELPS REDUCE STRESS – Complete formula to support a calm and happy dog – that is suitable to use short and long term.

SUPPORTS CALM BEHAVIOUR – CALMSURE is an innovative, triple-action dog calming product that works to reduce stress, ease anxiety and support calm behaviour.

EASES ANXIETY – The active ingredients in CALMSURE work to reinforce the calming pathways in your dog’s brain, supporting the production of compounds such as serotonin and dopamine.

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