Does it Work? Skinneeez Dog Toy

Find the best pet toys here (KFVS)- Makers of Skinneeez Dog Toy say it's stuffing-free, thus less mess if torn up. Dog owner Sandy Lowrey prays that's true.

"Everything gets torn up, the eyes on a toy, especially. So, we'll see how that goes."

Sandy Lowrey and her sister are very eager to see if finally this is the toy that can hold up to their three dogs destructive play.

"If we have stuffed animals, stuffing is all over the house. It looks like it snowed inside. They rip out the eyes, the nose, the squeaker–automatically gone!"

Not if the makers of Skinneeez have their way.

"Ready? There!" Sandy says while throwing the toy for the dogs to play with.

Immediately, Kacie, Max and Molly know what to do….destroy this toy.

"We call it a Boston tug of war!" as we watch the two Boston terriers play tug of war while the Golden Retriever looks on ready to get in on the action.

Within minutes, an eye is already tearing loose. There's no doubt though these dogs love how long and skinny the toy is. We watched several rounds of tug of war.

Still, it'll be interesting to see how long this toy lasts, as promised. I returned just a few weeks later.

"It turned out it didn't last past day one!" said Sandy.

She's not kidding. Sandy snapped pictures to prove it. In them, you can see the toy's about had it.

"My mom called me about an hour after they had it. Max had already chewed out the nose. The eyes are gone, squeakers are out."

To be 'technical' though, this toy only promises it's stuffing-free, meaning less mess when torn to shreds.

Sandy likes that part a lot.

"It doesn't have the fluff. That's the best part. No stuffing to pick up."

Still, she says the claims on the label make you believe this is the most indestructible toy ever, and she's disappointed overall.

"I'd probably say a 'D'. it did hold up. It didn't have the fluff which is good, but again, eight bucks and within an hour it was gone, so."

There's no denying the dogs still like the toy.

I ask Sandy, "So, really, an old sock would work just as well?"

"Pretty much!" she admits.

That said, the stuffing-free Skinneeez dog toy can be destroyed with a grade 'D' on this Does it Work test. I got Skinneeez at Bed, Bath and Beyond at Paducah. By the way, a similar product called Crazy Critters will cost you $30 with shipping. I originally was going to test that toy, but canceled it after I saw the whopping cost for a dog toy. Meantime, it does depend on the dog. My own dog received a Skinneeez toy as a gift, and it's still fully together, but she's not as hard on toys as other dogs might be.