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You love your feline family, so give them the gadgets and treats they’ll love from Worldwise Smartykat. Excite your kitty with some Smartykat Organic Catnip! You’ve probably heard of catnip, but you might have some questions about this mysterious substance. Well, has got the answers you seek for everything about cats and catnip. So what is catnip made of? Catnip, or nepeta cataria, is an herb that belongs to the mint family and contains the nepetalactone chemical compound in a plant that attracts and affects cats in different ways. So how does catnip affect cats? Cats usually experience an episode of excitement with each whiff of catnip. Catnip and cats are a purrrfect matchup. Catnip effects on cats may cause your kitty to roll around, flip over, or just run around like crazy. But don’t be alarmed as this playful cat behavior is totally normal. But keep that kitty catnip to a minimum, as too much can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea in your feline friend. Catnip can be used many different ways, and with Worldwise Smartykat on you not only find where to buy catnip but you can also purchase items that go paw-and-paw with catnip. For example, Smartykat toys can be sprinkled with Smartykat Organic Catnip to encourage extra play that will excite and entertain your kitty. Smartykat Skitter Critters are designed with your cat in mind. Their soft, plush design is fun for your cat to chew on and their mouse-like shape will pique their interest. Smartykat Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Cat toy mimics the behavior of prey animals under a blanket with an electronic moving wand that will help keep your kitty active and stimulated in the same way they would be in the wild.

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